Hitler was right: The Whites, the Aryans did invade and conquer INDIA!!!


I have been looking for quite some time for some intellectual info on the Aryans, because Hitler was a fan of the Aryans, and the Aryans, were the original warrior Whites who invaded and conquered INDIA.

Now Hitler believed this.

But in recent times there have been counter claims that the Aryan invasion was not real. This is especially disputed in India itself! Because it means that Hinduism, and the caste system which are a critical part of India … MIGHT HAVE BEEN INVENTED BY WHITES!!!

I have however stumbled on some updated information which confirms that in the Western Academic world it is FIRMLY ESTABLISHED, WITHOUT QUESTION, that the Aryans DID invade India.

So it is the Indians who can’t accept this fact and they’re arguing against it.

But SCIENTIFICALLY, it is well established.

It ties in with the "Indo-European" language and the links between the Europeans and the Indians.

Interestingly, the Gypsies, who are a big nuisance in Europe, are of Indian descent. So there you have a small population, that is a physical remnant of European and Indian interbreeding.

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