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[The Jews have totally messed with the minds of White leaders in the USA and Canada. These people are evil and insane. Whites will have to arise and push back. Personally, I believe that from a historical point of view, that Civil war is coming to the West. It's long overdue. Jewish Liberalism always ends in Civil war and bloodshed. Jan]

Attention Fellow Canadian :

Immigration Watch Canada sends you its latest bulletin : "Let’s arrest Trudeau and his Immigration Minister"

Dan Murray,
Immigration Watch Canada

Trudeau and his Immigration Minister (Mendicino) continue to endanger Canadians. Let’s arrest them! :
1. Once again, Trudeau and his immigration minister they are endangering the job prospects of close to two million Canadians who have lost their jobs because of Covid. How are they doing that? They are refusing to dramatically cut Canada’s immigration intake which will bring close to a million foreigners here in the next year while close to two million Canadians remain unemployed. Worse still, on May 6, 2021, Trudeau and his Immigration Minister opened Canada’s immigration floodgates even wider. They announced that they will accept a minimum of about 100,000+ new healthcare and student applications. They will also accept an unlimited number of other applications for other jobs from French-speaking International Graduates.

How many Canadian job aspirations will be destroyed by these treacherous announcements? Probably a million or so at least. It is no exaggeration to say that Trudeau is a quisling of unparalleled magnitude and thinks nothing of finding more ways to betray jobless and homeless Canadians who are already desperate. Trudeau tells us that he "has our backs" ! What he should be saying is that he already has a knife in the backs of our jobless and that he will twist the knife in order to further his social engineering goal of replacing Canada’s majority population with foreigners.

2. Trudeau and Mendicino have just expanded their treachery. Canadians are now learning that Trudeau and his immigration minister are endangering the health of hundreds of thousands of Canadians. How is that happening? Huge numbers of Covid-variant Indians (probably well into the tens of thousands) have arrived here in the past month. Among them are large numbers of wealthy Indians who wanted to flee India. Among the others are large numbers of other Indians ( Sikh Punjabis particularly) who have been informed by Sikhs already in Canada that Trudeau is an addicted groveler for Sikh votes and will fawn at their feet. It is almost certain that these new arrivals will undermine efforts by our health-care system to control Covid. In the past year or so, MP hacks like Chinese Jenny Kwan and Sikh Jagmeet Singh have enabled the latest Sikh treachery by campaigning relentlessly to have almost all immigrant health requirements weakened or abolished. The stage is now being set to allow these new arrivals to be allowed to stay. A collection of putrid immigration lawyers and immigration consultants are now working at this. What poetic justice it would be to hear that both Kwan and Singh (as well as Trudeau and his immigration minister) had been infected by Covid!! Unfortunately, Canada may not be so lucky as to have that happen !! But let us hope!!

In the next few weeks, Canadians should pay keen attention to the spread of Covid variants. Who should pay the price if even one Canadian dies as a result of the arrival of these East Indians and the treachery and stupidity of Trudeau and his Immigration Minister Mendicino? Months ago, these two should have stopped all travel from environmental and disease-infested cesspools like India and Pakistan. Sikh populated Brampton and the rest of Peel are already the covid capitals of Ontario. Sikh-dominated Surrey and Abbotsford are the Covid capitals of B.C. New Sikh arrivals will undoubtedly make the situation worse. The number of Ontario and B.C. cases will undoubtedly increase. What should be the price for doing nothing about planeloads of East Indians arriving in April? How about restoring the death penalty for things such as the shameless betrayal of Canada? Politicians in Canada respond only when they face extreme danger. How about flicking a noose in the faces of thousands of our politicians? Remember this fact which demonstrates that the loyalty of our MP’s is to ethnics like the Sikhs, not to Canada: Not a single MP of the 320 or so in Parliament voted against the insane motion to make April "Sikh Heritage Month". Worse, not a single MP abstained from the vote.

Let’s repeat : Creating more competition for a limited number of jobs and making our population sick must be severely punished.

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