AMERICAN ELITE: Whites and Jews: These Famous Faces Are Some of the Richest Heirs & Heiresses in America

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[This is an example of the real elite of America. Many are Whites but you'll also see Jews. I was very surprised to discover that Taylor Swift had a very big inheritance! She's a really rich girl. Jan]

Click on the source link and you’ll see their names, faces and the amounts these people inherited:[ad_id]=0088c0a8f8413de8a59629a18835d7f4bd&outbrain_params[doc_title]=These+Famous+Faces+Are+Some+of+the+Richest+Heirs+%26+Heiresses+in+Americ&outbrain_params[doc_author]=Audrey+Kyanova&outbrain_params[doc_id]=005617eedf3f9d499c554eb6d022abca6c&outbrain_params[ad_title]=Beckham+Marries+The+Richest+Heiress+In+The+World&outbrain_params[publish_date]=20201202&outbrain_params[req_id]=10f5ee0944da4532e4f199942bcd7a4c&outbrain_params[source_id]=0099c77ef3a9516f9f3e1755d609f00da9&outbrain_params[promoted_link_id]=0088c0a8f8413de8a59629a18835d7f4bd&outbrain_params[time_stamp]=20240120160259&outbrain_params[campaign_id]=0

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