Hear Paul Fromm & Kenn Gividen on “the Ethnostate”: Transman & Other Weirdness

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Video: Whites: Power Politics: How to have tea with the Queen
The vast majority of Whites don‘t understand how POWER really works. This is an introduction to power politics and how the world REALLY WORKS.


Far-left doubles down on gender confusion

Leftists lose it after Nugent says shoot rabid coyotes on sight

Brimelow sues NY Times over apparent racial slur

Student avoids jail after shouting n word

Glaciers will be gone by 2020 signs remain in 2020

Brazil: 2 million signed petition protesting gay Jesus show on Netflix

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2005: After White Farmers chased out: A Few White Farmers make Zambia BOOM!!
After Mugabe chased thousands of White farmers away, a few hundred went to other countries including Zambia. Those White farmers made entire countries BOOM!

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