De-Classified FBI: USA Nazi Leader: George Lincoln Rockwell


[This is written by a lady who was in the American Nazi party – I think. So her comments are interspersed in some of this. But there is some interesting stuff in here. The woman who wrote this is Barbara Nowak I think. I don't know her history. Jan]

In metaphysics, I discovered to magnify the “good” in others. It’s how I was able to get over paranoia and fear about Hitler. My comments are about this are from that point of view as a woman on USA Nazi Leader, former Navy Commander in WWII, George Lincoln Rockwell. If there was one word, picture, teacher, poster, student who could teach me about White Rights in 2006 at the Las Vegas colleges, I never would have studied KKK & Nazis, my only options. I sorted out the drama and looked for the substance. Jews broadcast 21,000+ murders a year but they are “good.” What kind of nonsense do we live under?
George Lincoln Rockwell wrote How to Get Out and Stay Out of the Insane Asylum.
I read the 38-page Declassified FBI report on Rockwell (below.) I also read the Declassified FBI papers on the Kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh’s baby by a German immigrant. It started a hate campaign against Germany in the USA to incite us to war. A Polish Jew banker swindled indebted White Winston Churchill with $2.5 million to start a hate campaign there against White Christian damaged Germans for World War II entry for Jewish rights of the USA and Palestine take over.
I found the “American Nazi Party Monograph,” that the FBI “De-Classified.” including George Lincoln Rockwell. Good, now we can “De-classify the Civil War, Democrat Jew World Wars I and II, the Jew Democrat’s Korean and Vietnam Wars, Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missile Crisis.” Let’s play “all connect the Jewish Communist dots against Whites (Christians!) and the takeover of our people and lands with a single shot. Jews don’t need guns. Their weapon: The mind!

An idea from the past came to me as I awoke, “Who was the Navy Man who became enraged that the USA sent ships of war artillery to Europe but returned to the USA filled with illegal Jewish immigrants during World War II?” James Von Brunn, the one who shot a black man at the DC holocaust museum? He also tried to arrest the Federal Reserve Bank leaders. Jews up until President Trump. Or USA American Nazi leader, George Lincoln Rockwell? I still don’t know the answer yet, but if I find it I’ll forward it.

  • Rockwell Navy Commander.
  • The document says he “fostered hatred” meaning he discovered the criminal Jews.
  • He discovered Hitler, Mein Kampf, and Nazis. Asheke-Nazi Jews defamed holy, damaged White Christian Germans with that curse word, Nazi. Jews bullied my Polish people so no one would believe me and reject me with “Dumb Polak.” I rarely used “Kyke” but rather actual instances of their hatred and crimes against me and mine and ours. Jews used “mass hysteria,” a “mental disorder,” which rules America and Whites today.
  • He and his wife honeymooned in Berchtesgaden, Germany, Hitler’s retreat. (Where do Whites go for one?)
  • Rockwell became interested in Republican Sen. Joe McCarthy, (exposed Jews but Jews turned on him and defeated him as I write in my book.) Rockwell also favored General MacArthur, who some Republicans wanted to run for president. The General warned about the upcoming Chinese Dynasty, but laughed off the face of the earth and brought down. Autobiographically, Grandpa Kopaczewski wrote in the front pages of the bible before 1900: “The Yellow Man will Rule the Earth.” “The Redacted Testimony Fully Explains Why General Mac Arthur Was Fired.”
  • 1950. Jews successfully pulled off the holocaust hoax for illegal immigration into the USA, 1945-1948. Declared Israel their country, 1948. 1949, Jews fomented the Yellow Communist Revolution. Democrat Jew 1950 Korean War. Let’s face it if Jews got away with their involvement in White Civil World War II, who can stop them?
  • Copied: Rockwell researched at the San Diego Public Library and found irrefutable, documentary evidence that “communism is Judaism.” (fake religion as a mind-control weapon, my words.) “He awakened from “thirty years of stupid pollical sleep.” He was convinced the internationally (syndicated) Jews wanted to destroy the (White) civilization of the “gentiles” and “quietly conquer and subdue the world under bloody, old-testament despotism of the ‘King of Zion.’” (It’s exactly what my conclusions were. Jews assassinated our White Kings and Leaders so they will be the sole “King” of the universe. It’s a Hollywood delusional manuscript wrought on our real White lives! One look at the Jews and Israel and our Whites confirm that 70 years later.)
  • He had a published a military magazine for wives of servicemen (I wish I had one married to a Vietnam Vet who fought the Communists, lost, and was pulverized by the Jewsin the USA when he returned. They incited ‘hatred’ against the White men in the streets and protests and pushed the Jewish laws against Whites (Christians) in the USA as Jews did in Poland.
  • Although he was right-wing, “he found the conservatives to be the world’s champion ostriches, muttering to each other down under the sand in ‘secret,’ while their plumed bottoms wave in the breezes for the Jews to kick at their leisure.” One can see Jew Adam Schiff kick Republican Trump around for the world’s sadistic entertainment pleasure.
  • “Robert Snowden organizer of the Americans for Constitutional Action employed Rockwell as an organizer.” But Snowden didn’t like his ideas. Dismissed him.
  • Rockwell decided that the Jews’ ultimate smear to those who wanted to save our White people was “You’re a Nazi.” So he dressed up in a Nazi uniform, swastika (White fertility) and said he wanted to gas the Jew traitors. I’ve never said that. Jews have to pay restitution for the next 2,000 years. Mama said to give it back to them with compounded interest. Jewess bankers hopefully are smart enough to know that word. The whole cat and mouse deadly game the Jews play is silly and I won’t have any part of it. Mama said, “You’re smart and you’re intelligent.” With that quote in mind, perhaps our Whites will save themselves and give us credit not the Jewish faked “King of Zion.” LOL
  • He preached “Free America from Jew Domination,” I wished some Polish person freed the White Christian Poles from the Jewish 1,000 Secret Jewish Empire of Polish Slaves, but Germans had to do it for us.
  • I’m not avowing Nazism or an ism, certainly, not Judaism. But “magnify” the good. On page 10 of the document are his seven principles to help us in the human. The Divine is mental.
  • Surprised? The State of Virginia canceled his charter.
  • He had other units around the world and wanted to bring down the (Jewish) Communist Iron Curtain, taken off of Poland, Russia, Germany, and covered up China so we don’t have a clue what they are up to. Silenced!
  • Rockwell visited two of the many countries that had chapters: England and Canada. England deported him. Canada banned him. Why do Whites hate Germans who have the most White blood in the USA? Jews foster self-hatred and mutual hatred of Whites, while 92% of the Non-Whites are lifted up to godhood.
  • He wanted amendments to the Constitution. I agree. Breeding. I don’t mean for certain features but for Whites who will bring up their children to the highest standards. We don’t have a second to spend on other races’ concerns. God made them. Let Her take care of them without Whites and Jews playing God, while Whites die off.
  • He wanted to “Abolish (Jew) Marxism.” Jew New York Times took out an entire page “Karl Marx, You Were Right.” (meaning Whites are all wrong and must be punished for eternity as they punish White Jesus in their Talmud.)
  • He wanted free newspapers, radio, TV, movies, magazines. (He didn’t mention books as we’re all banned.) Jewish theft and control.
  • Reform teenage criminals. The USA as mostly White then. I’d reform all Whites and deport the other races. Employers don’t keep their employees for eternity to take over the business and destroy the owners.
  • He opposed race-mixing. About 1975 I opposed dog-mixing after my dog Queenie had 39 mutts. I took her to mate with champion Nassau Von Sherpa. We need to bring up Whites to have the same rights as dogs (if not more but my hopes can imagine that far. But in Poland, Jews treated the White Christian Poles as animals that belong in a barn.)No one dared treat the Jews like that in over 2,000-year history. Look how pampered they were in Jesus’ day. Look at the Jewish robes and treasury.
  • Rockwell said that he’s not anti-Semitic, only those guilty of treason: 95%. Treason is execution, but not for Jews who have a “religious” exemption. Odd, but they took the “religious exemption” away from people like me not to give my kids vaccines. Yet Jews command not ask for “religious” exemptions for their crimes, wars, addictions, debt, and genocide of the White (Christians)? They are Turk Mongols who pulled this off on Poland and got away with it.
  • He wanted the resettlement of Negroes. (Jews brought them here, Jews can take them back to Africa, with Obama and Michelle, to anoint them King and Queen, and live happily ever after with the Yellow Chinese Communists buying up all the land.)
  • Since there were no “gas chambers” except in the Jewish Hollywood manuscripts, only for de-lousing of lousy Jews loaded with lice as Mama said when she worked for them, Rockwell believed the fake Jewish sympathy press. Get Whites to “feel sorry,” is their main mind and emotional weapon. It’s not our real feelings. “Feelings are not facts.”
  • Page 19 pamphlet for parents whose children were forced into integration with Blacks and their marijuana for their forced inter-orgies. I see many Whites / Blacks like that today, with babies from their drugged up orgies. Jews are Drug Lords of the world, as they were the alcohol Drug Lords in Poland. Auschwitz camp was once an alcohol center. Rocks to break school windows. (Why have Jews forced Whites to descend lower than blacks instead of elevating us?) Switchblade knives for stabbing and “Spanish Fly” for Blacks (and browns) to slip into your (White) girlfriend’s wine. I never read this before, yet I wrote in my book how the Mexicans and Blacks did that to my sister and my friend Irene Debowski from Poland. It’s true. It’s not “hate” against Rockwell. Nor do I advocate a Nazi party. Whatever the Germans did good, we can implement it. Their obsession with pills, we don’t need. I was drugged and raped downtown Chicago about 2000. The White man was from the Netherlands, (8% of Jews from that area after Spain expelled them and the Muslims. Jews made Spain go to their knees apologize and accept 250,000 Jews who will re-write Spanish history with more lies. And Whites say they are now Pro-LIfe. Even drugged up rates against White unprotected women?
  • He uses the “N” word, which no one dares until today. But that’s “old” stuff. The new dreaded “N” word is “Nazi!” When one wants to help save the White people, Christianity, and country, Jews labeled and defamed us as “Nazis.” Jews are Ashke-Nazis more dangerous than any fellow German. Jews already forced the White Christians to give up their country and churches and government to the Blacks with Obama and his first choice “Raum” “Emanuel.” Religious words: Abomoniation is a curse. Raum is High and Lofty Emanuel means “Savior” or “Messiah” or God with us. Didn’t one of the millions of Christian theologians figure that out? Were they afraid to come forward? Hypnotized and mesmerized or else suffer the wrath of the Jew God, when mine is a God of Love?
  • He talks about handing out flyers. Yet Jews use the hypnotism of pictures and words against us in our homes: TV, Internet, movies, News, book monopoly. The enemy is a Goliath and we truly are a little David.
  • Rockwell’s autobiography with Hitler’s assumed words. This Time the World. I don’t see White Supremacism. We carried the Jews, Muslims, 92% of the non-Whites on our back. We need to be free. Give them to God. I also don’t want Jewish or Chinese Communist Supremacism over our people or countries. It’s going to take work, as even Hitler knew and transformed the former degenerated, indebted, suicidal, German Christian people. Whites can only watch the disintegration and death of our people and countries. Not so for Israel, China, India, Mexico all advancing full steam ahead. It saddens me to know the dire circumstances the Whites are in including you and myself.
  • When he spoke at the university, eggs were thrown at him, beaten, and his glasses broken. Jews have the highest speaking ability. Verbiage. 143. Why doesn’t someone tell them to shut up since their words are the only ones we hear and we are kept “the Silent Majority”? Bomb threats at the University of Chicago, the neighborhood where Michele Obama and I grew up. She was a pampered Jewish Chosen, I was the Jewish White slave. It shows where we both are today. Nor do I want fame. I follow the highest in whatever I do. As you must.
  • At Antioch College, the organized (White) students merely used the “Silent Treatment” during one of his talks. Why doesn’t someone do that to the Jews when Jews blab non-stop? They are not God, but moral criminal humans.
  • 300 Jews organized their group wearing the “Star of David.” They aren’t from the line of David but from Poland, and Turk Mongols. Some Jews are finally admitting they have no blood from that area.
  • At the University of California, Berkelely, 6,500 showed up . . . to laugh and mock him. Jews did the same to Jesus. White Christians are mere “slapstick” comedy to them as was World War I and II.
  • Stormtrooper Andrew Chappel had “50-Mile Runs for the White Race.” (am I dumbed down? that’s non-violent. Jews committed the worse violence in history and got away with it. Whites merely “run” and it’s a sing, crime, and of course, the Jewish mind filled with hatred used reverse psychology and put the “hate” on Whites. Chappel once ran 110 miles but only 30 waited his arrival. In contrast, after Jews put Black Barack Hussein in office, the first place they sent him was overseas to Germany. 200,000. Jews illegally used their control of entertainment and announced a free rock concert. Jews wanted to rub the German noses in the Jews and Black crap since Germany wanted to save the White people.
  • Rockwell had a poster “Jew race-mixing is rotten.” The Jew doctor who raped me not only race-mixed against me at the lowest point in my line, but would have murdered me and gotten away with it. The Jewess High Priestess Remains Pure Raced since a combination of Jews and Polish women in 965. (how pure is that?)
  • I don’t advocate violence. I’m only looking in retrospect what happened, now, and what’s our future. One of the stormtroopers went on stage and hit “Martin Luther” “King.” Jew “chosen” with “Martin Luther” who founded White Protestanism, (from the word “protest) and “King” to define the Blacks who Jews would make Kings. Jews did the same in Africa. The richest man in history was an African King off Jew and Muslim enslavement of Whites.
  • Dragged off stage by police. Ask the police now what’s going to happen to the White people, Christianity, and America? If we use the same Jew methods, we’re going to die.
  • He objected to the united Black’s Freedom Party to block White congressmen. We should never had to endure these problems and deny our Civil Rights to exist in our Home.
  • Abraham Lincoln wanted the Blacks back to Africa. Blacks mock Whites all the time. A Black karaoke jockey played the line dance “Copperhead Road” for “White Trash.”
  • I don’t resort to Jewish tactics of hating others. One time a Christian lady told me that I have a “false sense of responsibility,” when I missed church. A person slid off the road and I stopped. There was nothing I could do. If I trust that God is All, that means that person will be provided for in God’s way. It’s a law. Why should I have a false sense of responsibility for the Jews, Muslims, Blacks, Reds, Browns, Yellows? Whites aren’t my responsibility either. They have to do it themselves.
  • Rockwell’s slogan, “Jews are through in ’72.” Jews are through in my mind. I have enough against them to last 500 years.
  • Rockwell only attracted, according to the language of the FBI, “dropouts, failures, misfits, mentally ill.” People that need “healing” from the damage done to us. Let the White Ph.D.’s, successful businessmen and women, those who perfectly fit in the Jewish society as in Poland, and those who Jew mind masters declare “sane” to help save the White people.
  • How can the Jews deem who’s sane when a Jewish doctor raped and threatened me for life? He’s sane? Jews’ crimes are ‘sane.’ We follow and imitate them even worship them. If we do, does that make us “sane?” Is it sane to want to help my own White people, family, self, and country? It should be as easy and effortless as breathing.


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