From Australia & South Africa: White Liberals are the biggest threat to Western Civilisation – My Analysis: White Liberals…

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S.Africa: Animal sex: Black man arrested, goat dies
The Goats were screaming! Villagers at Ga-Ratisi in the Northern Province holding an all-night vigil arrested a naked man early on Sunday morning, who is believed to have committed bestiality with a goat which later died.

[An Australian wrote this to me. Jan]

He wrote:
Unfortunately, Australia is well on its way to a Marxist hell hole. I see white liberals as the biggest enemy to civilisation and until they reap the consequences of what they support there will be no changing them.

I replied:
About White Liberals as the biggest threat to civilisation: In South Africa we had a lot of White Liberals and they were intermixed with the Jews. They were all of the same mindset. These Jews and Liberals ARE NATION WRECKERS. Yes, I agree with you. In fact, I will add this: Having known some, having observed those who are famous and studying them I’ve concluded that White Liberals are: (a) COWARDS (b) STUPID. They were stupid enough to fall for Jew crap. But they are NATURAL COWARDS. So the moment they think that a Black man is superior to a White, they will stab their fellow White in the back. Liberals are the closest that Whites get to being like Jews. These are two-faced, back-stabbing, weaklings. The worst Whites become either Liberals or Communists – just haters of Western Civilisation. They’re outright traitors actually at the end of the day. I want to say more in my videos about this.

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Video: Jews as a CANCER in Western Society: How Jews DISTORT White Society
There are Jews who have referred to Whites as a Cancer. I look at Jews as a Cancer inside White society.

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