The Canadian Jewish Professor Pinker – All Jews are full of shit

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Video: S.Africa: Untold Story: When Whites tried to build tens of millions of houses for Blacks
In this video I show some private photos that I have and I tell the story of how many times Whites set out to build millions of houses for Blacks in South Africa even under Apartheid, and how the ANC ruling party was spiteful and how they DESTROYED the efforts of the Whites.

[This is what an American Teacher wrote to me about the Jew Pinker whom I have mentioned. And I agree with the American teacher, the Jew is full of shit. In fact, all Jews are just full of shit. They have no respect for Western society or Whites. Jan]

The American teacher wrote:
Jan I’ve just seen the first speech by Steven Pinker in your latest video. I read a book by him in the 90’s about brain function, which I thought was interesting. I didn’t know anything about Jews then. I certainly know about them now. His comments are outrageous. The little, feminine, Jewish prick has obviously gone through life without people stopping him and telling him he’s full of shit. … snip … I despise people like him because he has the same entitled attitude as others I’ve tangled with in public schools.

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