Demented Joe Biden – mentally deficient – can’t speak – no press conference in 42 days …

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The Biden presidency is downright weird. I see people have been saying that its very bizarre that in 42 days that he’s not had a single press conference.

He seems to be mentally deficient. It certainly does add to the theory that the Jews are preparing Kamala Harris, the non-White, Jewish scumbag to being the female president of the USA. I think the Jews would love that. Another Obama, in female form.

I must admit, Biden is insane. He really does look like a total nutcase. Perhaps also that’s why he signed all those executive orders.

I don’t regard Biden as an actual US President. This is a usurper. He’s no president. He’s the illegal crooked, thief "President" of the USA.

Thank goodness large numbers of Whites globally are aware of this.

I am so pleased by that.

The big scam took place, but it did not keep its secrets so well … thanks to Trump and thanks to the Alternative media!!!!

An a scam that has been exposed, often has more power in reverse.

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