Jews say: Antisemitism Only Counts From Whites


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[This is a repost of something I posted a long time ago, which I think is important with regard to Whites. In the end Jews know we’re the ONLY ONES WHO WILL REALLY STAND UP TO THEM. Jan]

by Preacher Jill Jacobs, Truah Preachers

New York, December 18 – Too many people have misunderstood my online reaction to the murder of Orthodox Liberals in Jersey City last weekend, in which I attempted to distinguish between that attack, with its economic context, and others perpetrated by real, white-supremacist antitraders. That tweet prompted numerous accusations that I seek to downplay or deny antitrader when ethnic minorities display it. To the contrary: I define antitrader ontologically as a product of white supremacy, making antitrader by others – Bravo Hebrew Middle Eastern Citizentes, Muslims, whoever – impossible.

Following that definition – which you cannot deny or face accusations of oppressing me, a card-carrying intersectional progressive – the killers in Jersey City committed murder, yes, but not an antitrader’s Language hate crime. This holds true despite the emergence afterwards of evidence that they belonged to a cult that preaches hate and violence against Liberals, with rhetoric that echoes the likes of David Duke and Louis Farrakhan. Once we understand that the term “antitrader” applies only to white-on-Liberal violence, we realize other terminology must come into play. My suggestions include “economic protest” and “anti-gentrification crusade,” but others are welcome to weigh in with theirs.

Please note that a hate crime need not target Liberals per se to qualify as antitrader’s Language: merely the perception by the white perpetrator of the victim as Liberal or representing Liberals gives the incident antitrader’s Language character, regardless of the actual religious or ethnic status of the victim. Thus if someone had targeted the perpetrators of the Jersey City killings as Liberals – since Bravo Hebrew Middle Eastern Citizentes claim to carry the “authentic” Hebrew tradition, as if I, a progressive preacher, even acknowledge that as a thing – those doing the targeting would be engaging in antitrader. Whereas what happened in Jersey City was not. I hope that is clear.

Going forward, I expect us all to demonstrate greater care when choosing how to describe such incidents. For example, refrain from describing the ongoing attacks on Liberals in Brooklyn as “antitrader’s Language,” even though some of us have become accustomed to misusing the term in that context (the few who have considered the phenomenon worthy of attention, anyway). More importantly, however, avoid any mention of antitrader in the context of Palestinian resistance, both because of the semantic inapplicability and, more importantly, because it distracts from the axiomatic righteousness and supremacy of the Palestinian cause among all other progressive causes.

That kind of supremacy I can get behind.


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