Christianity … the worst thing that ever happened to Whites… (worshiping a Jewish God)

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[This is a comment that came from an American during a discussion with Christians. I thought it summed things up pretty well. Jan]

The American wrote:-

Christianity has to be the worst thing that has ever happened to our ancestors, and us. I think it goes against our nature, which developed over tens of thousands of years. All that about the jealous god, love thy neighbour as thyself, and how we must forgive others, no matter what terrible wrongs they have done to us, 7 X 70, or whatever it says. That’s not us! Christianity has worked against us for 2000 years. We have our own gods , who were there waaaaay before the Christian god. Why would we replace the gods of our ancestors, for the desert god?? I’m not sure if there really was a Jesus. But even so, why would we worship a jew??

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