US: Majority of Government Was Fake, Now it’s all Fake

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By: Andrew C. Wallace

Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution remain as the Supreme law of the Land. In simple terms the only valid laws remaining in force are those of the states, and our founding documents. The Unconstitutional Election Insurrection effectively removed any authority or semblance of our Republic. The greatest Constitution in the world still exists, and its protections are binding on everyone in the United States, even if the Republic itself exists in name only.

Most of ‘government’ was without lawful authority before the Election Insurrection, which then ended all illusions of constitutional and lawful authority. The faux administration now only has the power of fear, blackmail, and the barrel of a gun…with no authority. The Constitution reserves ALL powers to the states and to the people, except for Defense, Foreign Relations, Immigration, Currency, Post Office, and some household functions. Federal government has these enumerated powers ONLY. This means that MOST government departments, agencies and related laws are unconstitutional because they have usurped those unconstitutional powers from the states. The states have become mere political subdivisions of the “United States”, subject to its coercion and blackmail.

The Communists and Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC) have been attempting to take over our country since its founding. They have been very successful in concentrating power in the federal government by unconstitutionally usurping state powers. Some examples of this usurpation are departments of Education, Energy, Agriculture, Labor, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, et al. All laws relating to these departments are also bogus. Using these powers (and others) has made the PSRRC and their minions in government and the corporate world very wealthy, while impoverishing and enslaving the people. It is imperative that people know that their real enemy is the PSRRC, and that their corrupt minions have no lawful or constitutional authority to call the shots. To be even more specific, the minions are bribed government employees, elected officials, corporate officials, et al. of BOTH parties, excluding valid America First Republicans.

The Election Insurrection was a terrible tragedy and a costly treason, but it also gives us the greatest possible opportunity that we have ever had to return our government to what it was at the founding. The Communists and the PSRRC have made this possible by scaring the hell out of people, denying them constitutional rights and equal justice. The PSRRC has effectively forced the people to open their eyes and demand MAJOR reform and a return to our original Constitutional government.

Politicians should understand that they will not be welcome home or anywhere else, unless they support “The Requirements for Freedom and Liberation” listed below, among many others. I acknowledge that our corrupt politicians would never vote for these items unless we are involved in a major political and economic upheaval (which we now are) and they are dreaming of being on the receiving end of pitchforks, tar and feathers. Professionals must put these recommendations into proper form.

The Requirements for Freedom and Liberation

  1. Stop all illegal immigration, give no amnesties, end chain migration, and deport every last illegal in the country. Any future immigration would be subject to the “Public Charge Doctrine” whereby they are no cost to the government.
  2. Use anti-trust laws to break up major internet companies.
  3. Media companies must be regulated to report honest news, not narratives.
  4. Internet and media companies that block anyone from saying anything against the socialist narrative will no longer be immune from lawsuits.
  5. Government officials who refuse to enforce the law will be prosecuted and removed from office, as their sacred Oath is a qualification for office.
  6. Government Officials and judges who make their own laws will be charged with crimes and impeached.
  7. Corporations will not be allowed to support political candidates with money or anything else of value.
  8. Politicians can only accept money from constituents. Political donations to be limited.
  9. Reinstate the draft as a deterrent to no-win wars and to educate our young people to defend themselves and the country.
  10. Transfer all benefit programs to the states except for Social Security and Medicare.
  11. Banks can’t be both investment and commercial.
  12. Corporations can’t be sold without approval by 60% of employees.
  13. Stock market must be fair for large and small investors alike.
  14. If you don’t own the precious metal, stock or other securities, you can’t sell it short.
  15. The Unconstitutional Private Federal Reserve Bank is impoverishing average citizens and enriching the wealthy by printing unlimited quantities of fiat money with no backing. The Federal Reserve bank is also causing rampant inflation, a falling dollar, and an economic collapse. It would be impossible to finance no win wars if the Federal Reserve could not print unlimited quantities of unconstitutional fiat money.

  16. We must follow the Constitution, terminate the unconstitutional Private Federal Reserve Bank, and back our currency with gold and silver as required by the Constitution. It is the only way to rein in the government’s propensity to spend money and wage no- win wars for corporate profits.

  17. FBI is the most corrupt, incompetent and expensive police force in the world, and it must be disbanded. The Constitution calls for the Militia of the Several States to enforce laws of the Union.
  18. Senators should serve no more than 2 terms and representatives not more than 4 terms.
  19. There should be no huge retirement benefits for elected officials, none. They can use 401Ks like everyone else, and be subject to all laws like everybody else.
  20. Violations of federal laws by elected officials and government employees and others will be investigated, charged, and tried. Otherwise, responsible judicial and law enforcement officials will be charged for not doing so.

  21. “The American Dream” must be safeguarded by making it unlawful for anyone but individual American citizens to purchase single family homes for their own personal use. Corporate stock manipulators can’t be allowed to use the Federal Reserve’s fiat money to price average Americans out of home ownership and the American Dream.

  22. The draconian efforts by state and federal governments to force people to wear masks, maintain physical separation, quarantine, lock down, deny right of assembly and travel, and take life-threatening Covid shots are unconstitutional, and must be considered as “suggestions” only.
  23. Federal government to transfer 50% of taxes back to the state governments to finance governmental functions that would now be performed by the states.
  24. Federal government should not be involved in any social programs because they have no authority under the Constitution to do so.
    25.Any federal expenditures to support legal and illegal immigrants are to be prohibited. That is the proper responsibility of charities.
  25. States should give vouchers to parents so children can go to any desired school acceptable to the state.

  26. Since a majority of college courses have little value in future employment, no employer should be permitted to require a degree, except in professional areas such as medicine, engineering, business, et al. Public funding of higher education which does not result in marketable skills is a fraud on taxpayers. Public has no responsibility to finance four years of fun, games and debauchery. Economists could say that the “Economic Opportunity Cost” of most higher education is exorbitant and not the best use of time and money.

  27. We must follow the advice of our founders and bring our troops home from all over the world. Our troops should only be used when the security of the United States is at risk. When our troops are in combat their rules of engagement must not endanger them.
  28. Pushing critical race theory in the military or anywhere else is a crime.
  29. The days of useless no-win wars for profits of the PSRRC’s Military Industrial Complex must end. Many millions of innocent people have died for no good purpose except to enrich the PSRRC and impoverish our citizens. The people responsible are guilty of crimes against humanity and should be tried and hung.

  30. There is never any excuse to give money to foreign governments for ANY reason (with or without kickbacks) . It is especially heinous when our own people are living in the streets, our infrastructure is falling apart and fiat money must be printed.

  31. We must stop Financialization which temporarily increases stock price by investing growth capital in non-productive schemes like stock buybacks, high dividends and other areas which provide no benefit to the corporation other than temporarily increasing the price of the stock The money wasted is detrimental to the corporation, the employees and the long-term stockholders. This reduces employment and corporate viability.
  32. All “Green New Deal” efforts to restrict fossil fuel energy production in favor of solar and wind must stop. Promotion of electric vehicles to replace ALL fossil fuel vehicles must also stop as there is an inadequate supply of electricity and the means to deliver it.
  33. Stop the Climate Change scam. Climate change is natural, not man-made, and attempts to control it are a scam to impoverish the people for the benefit of the PSRRC.

I will not now support ANY political party, or vote for ANY existing candidates, as none are worthy. We must primary all politicians and elect patriots who will support “The Requirements for Freedom and Liberation” listed above.

Diabolical, is the best way to describe the fraudulent recall election in California. The PSRRC and their Communist minions have left the people of California no choice but to rebel. This is a simple fact.

I fear that the PSRRC and its minions will resist with all available force resulting in unlimited bloodshed and destruction. I don’t condone a conflict that will cause a total economic and social collapse and a Pyrrhic Victory for both sides. I don’t think that either the People or the PSRRC will compromise, so the die is cast. Prepare for the worst. But, know that after the hell, if we really fight hard, we could have our country and Original Constitutional Republic back with the PSRRC and their Communist minions under control, or gone.

© 2021 Andrew Wallace – All Rights Reserved


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