Why isn’t there a NAZI Orania in South Africa as opposed to the pro-Israel, pro-Zionist Orania?


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[I was sent this question by a non-South African White. Jan]

He wrote:
hi Jan, i contacted you on telegram. i asked about why proper National Socialist South Africans could not form ethnic enclaves like Orania but with anti jew and pro national socialist ideology? because we again know Orania despite a temporary pill against being blackpilled, it is still a pro zionist settlement Orania is. you said you would reply but a while, it has been a week. i am keen to hear your thought on this, i hope i raised a valuable and thoughtful question to proper NS south africans. that an alternative to zionist Orania must be built based on NS and free from greedy jew banking. Please write back to me I would be interesting to hear your take on this.

My Reply:
I’m glad you rather wrote on email. I don’t like replying on telegram because I would rather work on a PC where I can take what I write and post it on my websites, which is what I’ll do.

What you are basically asking is: Why isn’t there a NAZI Orania in South Africa which would reflect NS values rather than the pro-Israel, pro-Zionist Christian Orania.

The real issue is that you are completely misunderstanding the number of White NAZIS in South Africa versus the number of pro-Israel Christians in South Africa. There is no comparison in those numbers. There may be a tiny handful of Jew-wise whites in SA, and there may be an even tinier group of NAZIS. You cannot compare this to the sheer scale of Christianity in South Africa among the Whites, especially the Afrikaners.

Orania is backed by a lot of people from all walks of life. NAZIs are a tiny handful.

The main home of the Jew-wise NAZIs used to be the HNP. The HNP were the best of the truth-telling Christians. The HNP was a small political party. At it’s best it’s leader, Jaap Marais, a great truth teller, could only get 1 seat in parliament in the days of White Rule.

All the NAZIS I’ve ever met, used to also be members of the HNP. The HNP still exists and it is a tiny group. And the NAZIS are a tiny sub-set of that group.

Yes, I’ve sat and thought about Orania-like settlements myself. I’ve wondered if we could create more, and my late Boer NAZI pal, Fanie Kruger, also said that the only hope is to have White settlements.

But in reality, the issue is numbers.

Don’t underestimate the financial power of the Christians including the secret Christians behind the Broederbond who used to control this country under White rule. The Broederbond still exists and it must have billions of dollars of money.

The answer is: Numbers and money. That’s why this won’t fly. Remember, South Africa is not America. We’re a tiny number of Whites.

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