BRWR03B: How the White Farm murder protests were started… Who is behind it?


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[In an EWN news article they say that this protest action began in the Cape as a result of a farmer being murdered earlier this month. But I also heard from the people in Pretoria West that one of their friends had been murdered about a week ago. So if whites were not being murdered, then this would not have gained the momentum it did. But it seems the driving force comes from the Cape. Here’s part of the article. Jan]

The movement was started in Cape Town by a group called Enough is Enough after the murder of farmer Joubert Conradie on his farm earlier this month.

Earlier this morning, Midvaal Mayor Bongani Baloyi received a memorandum from the protesters.

“It’s an issue across South Africa as well. I think our local farmers are starting to feel it as well and also calling on police to do their role in trying to stop these killings in South Africa,” Baloyi said.

Lobby group AfriForum has given its backing to the protest.

The group’s Thomas van Dalen says: “Food security should be a matter of national priority. Every farmer that’s murdered in his farm creates a chain reaction.

“The first link in the chain reaction breaks, suddenly thousands of are out of food due to a farmer that was taken out of food supply chain as well as farmers that leave their farms out of fear for their lives.”

According to the group, there have been 70 fatal attacks on farmers since January.

Police Minister Fikile Mbalula has warned protesters to be peaceful, adding that action will be taken against those who threatened to blockade roads with trucks and tractors.

Here’s the source:

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