Video: Joe Biden NEEDS A WAR: The REAL REASON for the War in Ukraine: Democrats are losing voters at an insane pace

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If you want to know why Joe Biden needs a war. I repeat, HE AND THE DEMOCRATS NEED A WAR. This is why. Here’s the real reason. Check out this Fox news analysis. The Democrats are losing voters faster than CNN is losing viewers. I’m warning you, exactly as I thought, this ENTIRE "WAR" is totally manufactured by Joe Biden and his Jews, Nuland and Blinken. Why? Because his dumb political party is in FREE FALL.

These people are evil, filthy scum. Do you think they won’t be willing to have people in other countries KILLED in order to save their worthless, stolen votes? Then you my friend are missing the point of how evil these people are. They already rigged and stole the election from Trump. And here they are with the next move to KEEP THEIR HANDS ON POWER. These people on the Left and these "Liberals" are willing to go to extreme lengths to REMAIN IN CONTROL OF AMERICA.

Watch this analysis in this video. But be aware, whenever Whites and Conservatives LAUGH and think this is funny .. they miss the point of how RADICAL and DETERMINED our enemies are in the Liberal/Left/Communist world. Killing innocents to get some votes… is peanuts for these people.

Watch this video:

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