Audio: Jews make White people physically SICK: Jan & Monika Schaefer: About Alfred Schaefer & Henry Hafenmayer

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On 5th December 2019, Monika and I had our first chat since I was in the USA & Canada. We spoke about Alfred’s 2nd trial. We discussed his move to the same prison that Adolf Hitler was in. To get his latest address and the address of other German prisoners who dared to speak the truth about the Jewish lies, go to her website. The addresses are on the top:

We also discuss the German N.S. man Henry Hafenmayer, and his brilliant campaign to spread the truth in Germany to officials in certain positions. As if this was not good enough, he is an untiring working, doing radio shows and posting lots of content. The filthy Jewish scum have laid charges against him for many things, and he is due to go to prison. But this man, is an incredible German hero, who, because he does not speak English, is unappreciated by us other whites.

Monika and I discuss Psychological warfare that Jews wage especially on Germans, secondly on White South Africans and generally on our race especially on males.

Monika gives her views on the German hate speech laws as well as her views on the signs that exist for hope.

I also tell Monika about my own findings that Ukrainian civilians were killing Jews before the German army arrived in WW2 and what Hitler told the German soldiers to do.

I tell her of my discovery of an entire fake Jewish holocaust of 200,000 Jews, that was the result of a single lying Jewish actress. A monument was erected and George Bush Snr gave a speech there, at the site of a fake massacre.

Here are links to the English websites of the German NS hero Henry Hafenmeyer:

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