Jewish Psychiatry is a Mental Disorder – Jung kicked all the Jews out


[An American sent me this. As with everything Jews touch, Freud destroyed what was otherwise a decent science. Jung, who was a real academic, kicked all the Jews out of his psychiatric groups. The note below is from an American.  Jan]

Homosexual Fruit-cake Freud dreamed it up to drive the Goyim nuts. He got "heady" with glee over it. There have been books exposing this weirdo who warped people’s minds. His patients were all Jews with screws loose and he universalized their "pricky" peculiarities.

Dr. Thomas Szasz also wrote it up as such in a once bestseller book called "The Myth of Mental Illness", which has been shoved down the chute.

Making everything the libbers don’t like into some kind of personal mental disorder so the patient can be patiently driven crazy and ostracized(and given drugs) is a favorite Communist tactic.

Looking at everything through this lens will sharpen your vision.

If the article is for real it is yet another example of insane racism and hatred, and written by of all people a white man. Unbelievable! – Mahlon

Medical Journal Labels "Whiteness" a "Malignant, Parasitic-like Condition" and there is "Not Yet a Permanent Cure"

NB: Question, is this author ‘white’ or a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ (i.e. Jew)?

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