ATTENTION: WHITES: We are a Biological organism … NEVER FORGET THAT!

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Hitler saw Whites and races as biological entities. This is very important. This is also true.

You must remember that we are a lineage, family, if you will. We are the products of our ancestors. But we are more than that, we are a biological organism.

You might think you are alone, BUT YOU ARE NOT.

You have links into the race in terms of family, children, etc.

But there is more to this. We have similar characteristics even though we are far apart.

Since we are an actual family … directly … It means our DNA and subsequently, our minds and our bodies are very similar, and we think similarly.


BE TRUE TO YOUR BIOLOGICAL LINE. The biological entity must live. The survival and growth and success of the greater entity that we are a part of is the most important thing.

Hitler pointed out that the individual is not as important as the whole. That was true for Germany as a country, but Hitler also thought in bigger terms like race, as did Napoleon.

Whatever you do, just remember one thing: BE TRUE TO THE BIOLOGICAL ENTITY that we are part of. If you work for the downfall of our race then you are also working for the downfall of your own children, grandchildren and future Whites.

Conversely, if you work for the growth and greatness of our people, then you are benefiting everyone … not only your offspring but the offspring of others. This is really the mode we need to think in terms of.

Work for the GREATNESS of our people. That’s the only thing that matters and the only thing that makes sense. Note: Nature only wants winners. Losers die and Nature doesn’t care.

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