Video: FANTASTIC: JEWS DID 911! – Engineers STILL FIGHTING! – Founder Of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth Answers Whether Jet Fuel Can Melt Steel Beams

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Video: Keeping Whites DOWN: Scientific & Historic FACTS that have to be HIDDEN from Whites
This is a very important video that I put a tremendous amount of effort into. I wanted to summarize scientific and historic facts from 40,000 Years of the history of the European (White) race. This is the story of where we come from and how we came to be what we are, and why we are awesome. We look at thousands of years of the effort of our ancestors.

[I am over the moon to see this White man still fighting like crazy and still pointing out the facts about rivers of molten iron during 911!!!! I thought the Engineers and Architects had given up. I'm so pleased to see this and this video got more than 1 million views!!!! JEWS MURDERED THOUSANDS OF AMERICANS IN BROAD DAYLIGHT AND CLAIMED IT WAS MUSLIMS! Jan]

Here’s the video:

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Video & Audio: South African Jews worked secretly to destroy White rule
We take a look at the testimony of the Scottish Member of Parliament, George Galloway, who was an enemy of the Whites of South Africa and Apartheid. He travelled secretly to South Africa during Apartheid.

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