America in 2046: What will America be like when whites are a minority?

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Photos: Putin and the JEWS: The false belief that Putin will save the White Race
In 2017, in this article I pointed out how much nonsense is being written in the White Right about Putin being some kind of saviour of the White Race. I pointed out his links to Jews. Putin is a Jew-friendly Russian ruler. Since then I‘ve discovered even more data to support this.

[I think these types of predictions are not far off. The direction is DOWNWARDS, and once whites LOSE CONTROL of their politics, all kinds of weird and unexpected things will happen, as we whites in Africa have found to our horror. The map above is a projection of the USA in 2050. Jan] — Whites comprised 90 percent of the vote in 1990. Twenty-eight years later, in 2018, the white vote diminished to 72 percent of the total; and only 54 percent of those voted for Republicans. Meanwhile every non-white ethnic group disproportionately supported Democrats in the 2018 midterm elections.

If the trend continues at the same rate we can expect about 57 percent of the nation’s voters to be white in another 28 years; 2046.

What will America be like after white Americans have been displaced?

• The legislative and executive branches of the government will be out of reach for Republicans.

• Federal courts will be controlled by the far left. There will be no conservative judges appointed to the Supreme Court, the thirteen federal appellate courts, the 94 federal district courts, or other federal courts.

• The Constitution of the United States will be reinterpreted to accommodate Marxist ideology.

• The First Amendment will be misinterpreted to deny religious liberty to Christians. Homosexual privileges will likely be the leverage to strip Christians of their religious liberty.

• The First Amendment will be misinterpreted to deny free speech. Hate speech will likely be the leverage to strip Americans of their freedom of expression.

• The Second Amendment will be misinterpreted to disarm Americans.

• Single-payer health coverage will replace free-market health coverage. Corruption will be rampant and health care will suffer.

• Punitive federal tax rates will be imposed on the nation’s most productive individuals and corporations, hampering incentives and our quality of life.

• National borders will be deemed archaic and violations of human rights.

• History will be rewritten to demonize our ancestors who built this nation from it’s humble wilderness beginnings.

• Castle laws and stand-your-ground laws will be removed. Racism will likely be the pretext for their removal.

• Rigid hiring quotas similar to South Africa’s BEE laws will be imposed. Merit, aptitude, and other qualifications will be secondary to racial quotas.

• Patriots will be branded as “racists” and can expect prison terms for expressing their “racist” views.

• Monuments honoring America’s founders and its culture will be removed.

• White people who defend themselves against non-white aggression will be punished as racists.

• Retirement accounts of white people will be seized and redistributed to non-whites.

• Blacks will receive reparations for slavery.

• Place names honoring American heroes will be changed. Place names deemed racist or insensitive to non-whites (such as ‘Indiana’) will be changed.

• The Stat-Spangled Banner will be rewritten or replaced with a new national anthem to reflect cultural Marxism’s values.

• Corruption will be rampant and even necessary for survival, as it is in much of Mexico, Central America, and South America.

• Christian holidays will be changed or removed. Columbus Day will almost certainly no longer exist.

• Every jurisdiction will be required to meet racial quotas in housing and employment to receive federal funds; directly or indirectly.

• Most private schools and all home schools will be closed due to racism. White children will be forced to endure punitive school environments where they will be physically and sexually abused.

• Government schools will indoctrinate children with cultural Marxist dogmas including white guilt while stripping away their sense of cultural, racial, religious, and gender identity.

• Universities will be underwritten by the government allowing students to attend free. University degrees will be worthless.

• Inter-racial families and homosexual relationships will be the norm in movies and television programs. The same will hold true in commercials and other advertisements. The ‘Leave It to Beaver’ traditional family will be stigmatized as archaic and racist.

• White innovations and inventions will be reassigned to non-white inventors. History, overall, will be rewritten to demonize white people and Western culture.

• Western culture and arts will be removed from education venues. Shakespeare, for example, will be remembered only as an icon of white supremacy and the patriarchy.
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• Newborns will be chipped by federal mandate ostensibly to protect them from predators.

• Late-term abortions will be legalized and extended past birth fueling an underground baby farm industry to service pedophiles.

• Evangelical churches that refuse to hire homosexuals or ordain women will lose their tax-exempt status. Eventually all churches that consider homosexuality to be sinful will be forced to close.

• Embedded chips will be required for all business transactions, acquire permits and licenses, receive health care, access the Internet, etc.

• The Internet will be government by the United Nations.
• Muslims will be allowed to migrate to the USA unimpeded. White women will suffer from the Islamic rape culture, but such rape cases will be ignored by the media, feminists, and law enforcement.
• Eventually white people will be bred out of existence.


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White Shop: The Myth of German Villainy by Benton L. Bradberry
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