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[I have been taking a look from time to time at this problem of The City of London and whether some weird, creepy, Jewish/English crap is going on there. What really prompted this was a discussion by the brilliant German economist Dr Werner, in an interview with some Brits INCLUDING a very high ranking Brit who is in BANKING. Dr Werner, dropped a few facts in an interview wherein he mentioned that THE CITY OF LONDON, is NOT a part of Britain and NOT even a part of the UK! The British Banker then says "yes, it’s INTERNATIONAL". WTF!?!?!? Watching those Brits agreeing with the facts presented by the German Dr Werner really made me sit up again and ponder this matter.

Is the City of London a weird, creepy, Jewish/English secret setup? It’s very hard to find facts.

Strangely enough, if you watch these 2 short videos, which explain the City of London, you’ll see that there is something weird here. Although that was NOT the purpose of these videos. It also mentions something bizarre, which Dr Werner also mentioned and that is that when it comes to VOTING in the City of London, the voting is not as a "normal democracy". Most of the people in the city of London are workers, and each COMPANY is allowed to allocate a number of its staff for the purposes of VOTING. Yes, the company staff have more VOTING POWER than the RESIDENTS of The City of London! It is the only place on Earth that I know of where COMPANY STAFF are allowed to vote as "citizens" if you will!!! This alone should set alarm bells ringing.

In this City of London you’ll find weird gargoyles on its borders … and one is a dragon. These strange and bizarre symbols may also be part of the secrecy and weirdness.

Britain is a weird Jewish country.

Here are the 2 short, excellent videos that give some insight into this strange place and which show you the The City of London, is DIFFERENT to the rest of Britain!

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