A Furious Canadian writes to me: STUPID? (or EVIL?) anti-White: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation calls Truckers … White Supremacists

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[An angry Canadian wrote about this to me, calling the CBC stupid. No, they're not stupid. They're the ENEMY. This is a WAR … of the MIND. It is probably due to the fact that the Canadian truckers are all WHITE that they now screech and howl, in a Jewish style, about "White Supremacy". The whole thing is insane. They should be slapped in the face. CANADA IS FCKING WHITE FFS. But the madness, and the MENTAL DAMAGE caused to Whites everywhere by having the Jew crawling into your head and getting you to believe that YOUR OWN PEOPLE, YOUR OWN RACE, YOUR OWN ANCESTORS ARE YOUR ENEMY!!!! FFS. This is madness. Someone needs to slap CBC to the side of the head and tell them to get a grip on their fcking selves FFS. Jews have engaged in the mass brain damage of Whites. Seriously. Jan]

The Canadian wrote:

news broadcast is now using the term "white supremacist" in relation to truckers in Ottawa. They bastards never stop attacking the whites.

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