4 Pics: UK: Royal wedding of White Prince with non-White – 3 Photos of the BLACK MOTHER!

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[So I see the stupid Royal wedding took place in the UK. The British are utterly insane. I can’t help but wonder whether the British have lost their minds as a result of once having a non-white Empire. I think the UK is the most anti-white Western nation of all time. I strongly suspect the Jewish presence is the reason for this. I heard from a reliable friend that all the Rothschild businesses combined add up to $1 trillion.

The Jew scum, Bezos, owner of Amazon, and now proud owner of the Washington Post, claimed that Britain once had a black queen. I did some digging into this and very much doubt it. I think the Jew was just doing what Jews do best: Messing with white people’s heads! But the Jew-owned newspaper’s claim seems to have gone off with everyone just accepting it without a murmur.

I still think that all whites should side with Europe and that Europe should invade Britain and turn it white again at some point – actually Liberate it from Jews and non-whites.

Tom Metzger was on the social media and asked: Why aren’t we seeing photos of the MOTHER of the bride!! So someone managed to find a photo of her! And that should give you quite a shock.

I have posted links to news stories below about the stupid Royal wedding in the stupid failing country called Britain where Jewish thinking always prevails. Idiots. Jan]

So this is Meghan’s white father:

This is Meghan with her mother Dorian:

Here is Meghan with her mother Dorian in a car:

Here is another photo of her mother:

Here’s a story about Meghan’s background: Meghan Markle’s background of divorced parents and half-siblings explained as Prince Harry claims royals are ‘the family she never had’ – https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/meghan-markle-family-background-11762971

Here’s a story about the stupid wedding: Royal wedding day pictures: 107 Best photos from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s ceremony and reception – https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/05/19/royal-wedding-day-pictures-best-photos-prince-harry-meghan-markles/

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