4 Pics: Germany 1936: Commercial game: Juden Raus! – Jews get out!


[I had a good laugh at this. It turns out that in NAZI Germany, a company created a “racist” game called: Juden Raus! – meaning: Jews get out! And the player wins if he gets his Jews out of Germany to “Palestine” (future Israel) first!!

Note: The Germans had conceived the idea in the 1920s that the Jews should be shipped to the French colony of Magagascar, off the coast of southern Africa! So don’t be fooled by holocaust nonsense! The “final solution” that the Germans were thinking of, was for Germany to acquire Madagascar and to grab the Jews from Eastern Europe and ship them there! I’m glad this never happened. Such a lovely island would have been wasted on the Jewish filth.

The BBC ran a story on Juden Raus and they commented “what a terrible racist game!” What a load of British/Jewish poppycock!

Note, in the section below which comes from wikipedia that the Jew claims it was a huge success in Germany. I get the impression that in reality it was NOT such a success. This was a commercial venture and had nothing to do with the NAZI party. Furthermore it seems there was genuine critique of the board game being a negative thing for Germany. So it could be that the Jew is, as usual, massively exaggerating (lying) about what really happened.

Sadly, for the rest of us, the Jewish filth who left Germany, went mostly to the USA but also quite a large number came to South Africa where they brought communism and equality and other anti-white ideas and created a nightmare for the whites of South Africa!

So, as Alex Linder says: Expulsion is NOT the answer… its been done to death and its failed… The real answer is: Extermination! Jan]

Here are photos of Juden Raus:-

Juden Raus! (1936)

Juden Raus! (lit. “Jews Out!”) is a Cross and Circle-style game published in Germany by Günther & Co. in 1936.[3][4] The game was advertised as “entertaining, instructive and solidly constructed.”[5] The game’s equipment includes a pair of dice, a game board, and several game piece figurines with large pointed hats meant to represent Jews.[6]

Players take turns rolling the dice and moving their “Jews” across the map toward “collection points” outside the city walls for deportation to Mandate Palestine.[7] Written on the game board, it says “If you manage to see off 6 Jews, you’ve won a clear victory!”[6]

Juden Raus is a commercial boardgame rather than a Nazi propaganda effort,[8] and contains no Nazi symbolism.[9] The game was officially criticized by the SS journal Das Schwarze Korps, which believed the game trivialized anti-Semitic policies.[9] Ben Barkow of the holocaust museum at the Wiener Library recounts it being documented as a “considerable commercial success”, with possibly a million copies of it being sold.[8][9] However, an article in the International Society for Board Game Studies Journal suggests that the game’s commercial performance may never actually be known because it may have been exaggerated in advertising material. The article considers it unlikely that the game could have been successful in Germany after having been condemned by the SS.[9]

The article published by the International Society for Board Game Studies calls it “[h]istory’s most infamous board game”. The review says, “Juden Raus! shows that after decades of propaganda, anti-Semitism was so deeply rooted in German society in the 1930s, that someone thought it would be a good subject for a children’s game. Racism is present in many board games, but Juden Raus! is unique in its portrayal of how racism manifests itself in society and is a terrifying example of the banality of evil. … There are many areas of the world where such a game might still find a receptive audience. … Juden Raus! is a warning to us all.”[9]

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazi_board_games

2 thoughts on “4 Pics: Germany 1936: Commercial game: Juden Raus! – Jews get out!

  • 15th June 2018 at 6:06 pm

    “History’s most infamous board game..HA HA..I MUST have a copy of it!

    • 18th June 2018 at 2:59 am

      I was thinking the same! They say there are only 2 remaining copies of it in the world! Maybe someone must begin creating new versions of it either as a boardgame and/or software game! 🙂


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