VERY IMPORTANT: (((Liberal)) & Left Wing INTIMIDATION of Law Firms who work for Trump


[This is very important. This was published by one of my readers on HR. The Left and even the Liberals are actually radicals. They know the communist principles of how you must lie, and move fast under the cover of secrecy. Intimidation is what (((Liberals))) are good at. This is the type of stuff that should be reported to US officials and the White house and Trump campaign. Very important stuff. Don't sit and wait. Whenever you can, get involved and do something for our side. I would rather see Trump in power than Biden, regardless of Trump's failings. He's the best influencer and hope we have currently. Jan]

6:25 p.m., Sunday Nov. 15

Jimi James LaMont wrote:

Threats against law firms, and their employees, orchestrated by major Left Wing political operatives has been ramping up since the election. One such law firm in Pennsylvania, in which a college friend is a senior paralegal, told me that every one who works for the firm has had their names, home addresses, cell numbers, and in some cases, names of spouses and children doxxed, vehicle license numbers, make and model, posted on line.

So far there has been minor vandalism but nobody has been injured yet. Daily phone calls threaten increased violence. The Justice Department is doing nothing to intervene on behalf of these firms. Maria’s Law Firm finally called it quits before someone or their family were attacked. They were representing the PA GOP in the fraud cases.

The Justice Department is totally complicit here in all these Law Firms being bullied into refusing to assist in the fraud investigations. The total rule of law is being shredded here and the FBI is doing nothing.

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