3 Pics: WW2: US Troops executing German Waffen SS in Dachau!


I stumbled on some photographic evidence of US troops busy killing German Waffen SS. The description of the photo below reads:

Photo showing execution of Waffen-SS troops in a coal yard in the area of the Dachau concentration camp during its liberation. April 29, 1945 (US Army photograph) 

You can see the piles of dead Germans lying there.

Here’s a closer look at the German on the far left who is about to die. Look at the dead lying around him.

Let’s zoom in on the 2 Germans on the right who are about to die, and you can see the bodies all around them.

So as you can see above the “good Americans” were busy killing Germans who had surrendered. I thought you weren’t supposed to be killing the POWS? The Americans admit to murdering 500 Germans at Dachau.

This is from wikipedia and refers to it as the “Dachau Reprisals” – whatever the hell that is supposed to mean. You mean suddenly if you call it a “reprisal”, that its ok? It reads:

The Dachau liberation reprisals: Upon the liberation of Dachau concentration camp, about a dozen guards in the camp were shot by a machine gunner who was guarding them. Other soldiers of the 3rd Battalion, 157th Infantry Regiment, of the US 45th (Thunderbird) Division killed other guards who resisted. In all, about 30 were killed, according to the commanding officer Felix L. Sparks.[18][19] Later, Colonel Howard Buechner wrote that more than 500 were killed.[20][21]

I strongly suspect that US and British murder has also be lied about and we’ll never know the real numbers from them. The fact that lying is going on should be clear from the first commanding officer who says 30 were killed, and then later another Colonel says 500 were killed. That’s a huge discrepancy. I doubt we will ever get the true facts about the killings from these “good allies” whose side we dummies were on.

Of course after the war, the lying Jewish swine like to pretend that Jews also died at these places … with no photo evidence … and of course NEVER with any tangible physical evidence. But here we can see what ghastly work those “good”, “civilised” Americans were doing in Europe!!

This, my white friends, is what happens when you stand up to Jewish Capitalism. If you want to be free of the Jew, this is how it ends for you if you manage to survive the war.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allied_war_crimes_during_World_War_II#/media/File:Dachau_execution_coalyard_1945-04-29.jpg

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allied_war_crimes_during_World_War_II

2 thoughts on “3 Pics: WW2: US Troops executing German Waffen SS in Dachau!

  • 28th February 2020 at 1:12 am

    Most of those MP’s would have been Jews, recruited years before to carry out these mass murders. Also, the pic. at the top shows six German officers being escorted to the “execution” ground, they are Wehrmacht officers.

  • 15th October 2018 at 4:20 pm

    The Allied troops simply murdered all these guards, who could and would, surely have simply scarpered before the erroneously-named ‘Allied’ troops arrived, if the guards really had been committing attrocities against the Jews and other inmates at these camps. They would not hang around waiting to get their heads smashed in and then shot surely, that is common sense, but the German guards could not possibly have had any idea of the insane hatred inside the Allied officers who arrived who had been fed on propaganda lies about deliberate ill-treatment and genocidal mass murders of camp inmates, and could not have expected have foreseen the sadistic treatment they would receive at the hands of the purposely-made psychotic Allied troops, and they really were psychotic.

    I wonder what the duped British troops felt just a year or two later when British soldiers were being murdered by Jewish terrorists in Palestine.

    Instead, in decent and humane fashion, the German guards stayed with the inmates so that the continued welfare of the inmates could be assured by safely passing the custody of the inmates over to the Allied troops.

    Of course, the Allied authorities certainly did not want hundreds of German camp guards to remain alive and to ever be able to testify that no gas chambers had ever existed, and that the inmates had been cared for to the best of the Germans’ ability to provide for them, so of course, the Jewish-dominated Allied military authorities simply liquidated anyone who could ever testify that there were no gas chambers killing Jewish inmates. Before the ‘testimonies’ of the German soldiers at the Nuremberg show trials, around 150 of the witnesses ‘confessing’ to the falsely-alleged gas chamber attrocities had all had their testicles crushed to pulp beyond repair by repeated savage kicks and they had suffered blows to the head by metal knuckle-dusters whilst their heads were covered by bags so they would never know when to expect a blow, and their families were threatened with the same treatment to force them to testify.

    You can see how fat-faced, well-washed, cleanly-shaven, well-coiffured, warmly-dressed, and surely well-fed the often smiling inmates are in the photos that can be seen of inmates at the gates of the camps when the ‘Allied’ troops inmates arrived, then compare sickening pictures of inmates suppsoedly just behind them in the camps, naked, almost no flesh on their bones left cast around in utterly grotesque and horrific poses, in photo images with a deliberately antiqued quality, taken with entirely different photo equipment, most likely by the Soviets after the war, who kept Auschwitz open after the end of the war and deliberately starved many thousands of German prisoners held there to death, tortured them to death, and performed utterly horrific and pointless ‘medical’ experiments on them for propaganda purposes, so that images could be used as false evidence of Jews having been subjected to such treatrnent (the German NSDAP had compassionatly banned even vivisection of animals), when in fact the images were actually of Germans who had been savagely starved, tortured and experimented on to death.

    Think about it, would those Jewish inmates, so tidy and clean, really have left rotting corpses strewn haphazardly all over their camps behind their smiling faces whern the Allied troops arrived? No, of course not, as such those corpses would have attracted vermin and rapidly spread sickness and disease througout the camps to all other inmates, they would surely have tidied away any corpses and cremated them to prevent this from occurring. And surely, if they really were standing in the near vicinity of rotting corpses, they would instead have been screaming and crying, not happily smiling when the Allied troops arrived.

    One might think that to be unlikely, but in the book by A R Butz, ‘The Hoax of the 20th Century’, a vast heap of wafer-thin naked corpses is shown as certain evidence of horrific maltreatment of Jews by Germans, and the pile of bodies is literally huge, one problem with that picture of dead ‘Jews’ though, that has been used to prove German maltreatment of Jews, the picture is actually of dead Germans who starved to death in the aftermath of the mass fire-bombings at Dresden, as people there, as elsewhere in Germany, did not just die from the bombings at the time, but in the complete chaos that ensued afterwards as all services collapsed through food and medical supply routes having been illegally and genocidally bombed out by the ‘Allies’.

    One German SS camp commander executed one single Jewish camp inmate without due judicial process, and was himself found guilty of murder by a wartime GERMAN military court and executed for that crime, so it is hardly likely that Germans really were murdering Jews in the camps, though it was found to be the case that Communist Jews would pressure other Jewish camp inmates to join the Communist revolutionary cause or face death from other Jewish inmates, and murders in the camps did occur due to that, rather than from German maltreatment. After all, if the Germans really wanted the Jews dead, they could have done what Eisenhower did with nearly one million Germans at the end of WWII and simply starved them all to death within 24 days as he did, simply by putting all the Jews in open fields with no food or water, no latrines, no shelter, behind barbed wire fences surrounded by machine guns and simply waited for them all to die, and their deaths would certainly have occurred in around three weeks or so,much quicker in winter time, and millions of Jews could have been liquidated as quickly as that had Hitler really wanted them dead, but he certainly never wished that.

    Instead, in reality, Hitler had actually been providing the Jewish and other inmates with hospitals, dentists, barbers, cookhouses, canteens to eat in, sleeping accommodation, personal washing facilities, laundries to sterilize their clothing and bedding, nurseries for new borns (there is ample photo evdence of immaculate hospital facilities with images of smiling Jewish mothers holding their new-born babies sittting in civilian clothing on beds with perfectly white sheets, even at the time when the ‘Allies’ arrive to ‘liberate’ them, as well as theatres, cinema facilities, orchestral groups, art classes, work rehabilitation classes instructing them how to actually work for an honest living in agriculture, machine shop work and so on before they were to be deported, even football fields, swimming pools, canteen shops to buy sundries like stamps, writing paper, chocolate, alcohol from the camp breweries, cigarettes and so on with their wages from work, and even brothels.

    The horror film director Alfred Hitchcock and the American film director Billy Wilder, who both specialised in FICTION, not objective scientific documentary, were both sent to the camps after the war to assist with the creation of dishonest post war propaganda to blacken the German National Socialists up as genocidal murderers.

    The Jews faked the deaths of 15-20,000 Polish intellectual, Polish army officers in the Katyn Forest massacre as having been done by the Germans, and they did the same by claiming 100,000 dead people found at Babi Yar near Kiev were Jews who had been savagely slaughtered by invading German troops, when in truth, the Jewish Bolsheviks had slaughtered 100,000 CHRISTIANS there around 20 years earlier, with Russian authorities later using 40,000 Russian troops to provide false sworn testimonies that the Germans had committed this attrocity against Jews and buried their bodies there then, but their degree of decay when found was an indication that they had not been killed in recent years, but had been buried for decades already, and wartime aircraft reconnissance photos proved that when the Germans occupied that land, they never disturbed the ground where trees and bushes under which many of the corpses were found later on.

    That is what the Jews do, they kill some Gentile people (like Russian Christians or Polish Christians), then claim that the dead bodies of the victims are actually Jews, then demand ‘punishment’ of those Gentiles allegedly responsible, thus craftily killing two sets of Gentiles at one go.

    Never trust a single word any Jew says, not one.


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