WW2: The Mystery of Rudolf Hess is deeper than you think… Hitler’s strange reaction

[My European friend sent me this info about Hess. I have for long been aware that he went to the UK on a peace mission. But today when I was thinking about it, I began asking myself questions, and the more I look at the data and think about it, the more I think this is deeper than one thinks. 

Here is what my European friend found and it is fascinating that Hitler had him denounced as a madman. I don't think there are hideous lies on the German side. But there is some German weirdness that is unlike Hitler normally. 


div>However, I think there's a much more extreme DARK SIDE to the British story. I will address that later. But look here at this summary from my European friend, Nordlux. Jan]

Hitler worried that his allies, Italy and Japan, would perceive Hess’s act as an attempt by Hitler to secretly open peace negotiations with the British. Hitler contacted Mussolini specifically to reassure him otherwise.[85] For this reason, Hitler ordered that the German press should characterise Hess as a madman who made the decision to fly to Scotland entirely on his own, without Hitler’s knowledge or authority. Subsequent German newspaper reports described Hess as "deluded, deranged", indicating that his mental health had been affected by injuries sustained during World War I. Some members of the government, including Göring and Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, believed this only made matters worse, because if Hess truly were mentally ill, he should not have been holding an important government position.

Now this is in jewish wikipedia .In reality this plan camed from hitler himself who tried more than 20 peace offers during WW2 .Also there was some dirty play by judeo-british secret service .They used :

He abolished the post of Deputy Führer, assigning Hess’s former duties to Bormann, with the title of Head of the Party Chancellery.[86][87] Bormann used the opportunity afforded by Hess’s departure to secure significant power for himself.[88] Meanwhile, Hitler initiated Aktion Hess, a flurry of hundreds of arrests of astrologers, faith healers and occultists that took place around 9 June. The campaign was part of a propaganda effort by Goebbels and others to denigrate Hess and to make scapegoats of occult practitioners.[89]

American journalist Hubert Renfro Knickerbocker, who had met both Hitler and Hess, speculated that Hitler had sent Hess to deliver a message informing Winston Churchill of the forthcoming invasion of the Soviet Union, and offering a negotiated peace or even an anti-Bolshevik partnership.[90] Soviet leader Joseph Stalin believed that Hess’s flight had been engineered by the British. Stalin persisted in this belief as late as 1944, when he mentioned the matter to Churchill, who insisted that they had no advance knowledge of the flight.[91] While some sources reported that Hess had been on an official mission, Churchill later stated in his book The Grand Alliance that in his view, the mission had not been authorized. "He came to us of his own free will, and, though without authority, had something of the quality of an envoy", said Churchill, and referred to Hess’s plan as one of "lunatic benevolence".[92]

After the war, Albert Speer discussed the rationale for the flight with Hess, who told him that "the idea had been inspired in him in a dream by supernatural forces. We will guarantee England her empire; in return she will give us a free hand in Europe."[93] While in Spandau prison, Hess told journalist Desmond Zwar that Germany could not win a war on two fronts. "I knew that there was only one way out – and that was certainly not to fight against England. Even though I did not get permission from the Führer to fly I knew that what I had to say would have had his approval. Hitler had great respect for the English people …"[94] Hess wrote that his flight to Scotland was intended to initiate "the fastest way to win the war".[95]

Remember that Alister Crowley ( famous British agent,occultist, pervert and satanist) worked in Germany ( building spy network ? ) and he escaped Germany and was kicked out by Italy.

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