JEWISH TREASON INSIDE RUSSIA AGAINST RUSSIANS: Are Putin’s Jews stabbing him in the back? Prigozhin to replace Putin?

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There are lots of Jews in Russia and as I’ve pointed out in videos there are lots of Jews around Putin. There are many "Oligarchs" in Russia, which is just another name for Jewish Super Rich in Russia. When Jews see you getting weak, they turn on you and help to destroy you faster and they strike deals with the upcoming victors.

One thing which is mysterious to me is the ability of the Ukrainians to destroy Ministry of Defence buildings inside Moscow. This is CRAZY, but it’s happened twice now. Right inside Moscow – things just blow up – critical buildings – just blow up or catch fire.

I think that Jewry inside Russia will just help to sink Putin when they see him getting weak.

Plus, the long term Western plan is to start a Civil war inside Russia. That is coming. They’ve got 5 battalions and they will be building them up. Maybe in a year or two there will be 20 or more Battalions of Russians ready to invade Russia from Ukraine.

Rest assured that Jews inside Russia don’t give a rat’s ass about Russia. Like Jews everywhere, they don’t deserve to be citizens and they are ONLY in Russia for the MONEY. Ditto for Jews in Ukraine, USA, South Africa, Europe, UK, etc. Jews are ONLY in a country to make money, steal and get power. None of them give a shit about who rules.

And when the power changes, they turn on you. Now Putin has got a lot of Jews around him, and those Jews could easily be working against him or preparing for LIFE AFTER PUTIN.

Jews don’t give a shit about Putin and Jews don’t give a shit about Russia, or about Russians. Jews will simply milk what they can from one group and then team up with the next group and milk them. Jews might even be looking to EXPAND THEIR BUSINESS across Russia after Putin is gone – just as the Jews are out to milk Ukraine.

I think the half-Jew Prigozhin has seen the light and seen how hard it is fighting against Ukraine and I think he has already been making his weird noises in recent weeks in Bakhmut about the lack of ammunition, etc while also showing that his group won. I think that Prigozhin is already beginning to make his Jew-like moves to become the ruler of Russia. Whether he will get there I don’t know. But I think he’s doing weird shit.

If Putin is still looking strong now, then the Jews will remain loyal to him, but I think the Jews have already realised that Putin is going down, and as things get worse for him, the Jews close to him will turn on him big time. They’ll make it so much easier for him to be killed or overthrown.

It looks to me as if we are seeing the final years of Putin. Whether he will be ruling Russia in 3 years time or 5 years time is something to be seen.

I think this summer is the summer of huge Russian pain, and I think Russian morale will be cracking and breaking across society.

Once morale cracks and breaks – The Jews will already be dealing with Putin’s enemies LONG BEFORE the morale of the normal Russians breaks. But the morale of most Russians is going to break. This is going to be a Nightmare summer for the Russians I’m afraid.

Sadly, many Russian men will be killed in the coming months.

But I think the longer term plan is that once Ukraine has most of its territory back, that the next step will be to begin the Russian Civil War. That’s coming.

This summer will give us an idea of how long it will take for Ukraine to win and it will give us an insight into when the Russian Civil War will begin.

Putin’s time is limited. I will be very surprised if Putin is in charge of Russia 5 years from now. His time may be even more limited.

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