Easter Eggs: Stolen from Pagans: Sick Jewish concepts of Born in Sin: The Christian Church: Nuns Vs Pagans – No Babies Vs Fertility


One of the sickest things we European peoples have adopted is the very sick, twisted Jewish concept of being born in sin and that therefore we need a redeemer. This is such a total load of hogwash, that I’m astounded we ever bought into this nonsense. The notion that being born, you have already committed a crime. That is just such rubbish. But it’s a clear "sales trick" because if you buy into the lie that you were born into sin then now, you need to be "saved". Its such a setup. And yet, our people bought into this crap.

I found in my younger days when I was stressed, worried and felt overwhelmed by life, that a lot, if not all religious spiritual nonsense leads to this line of thinking. As I grew older and became a teenager and an adult, I found myself thinking about sexual things and then thinking it is so wrong and criminal. This is hogwash thinking, and totally anti-natural. There were times when I was killing myself by striving for celibacy and such unnatural lines of thinking. And of course it is bad for your physical and mental health.

We are living animals with a VERY STRONG IMPULSE to procreate. The sexual impulse is extremely strong in us. It’s a POWERFUL DRIVING FORCE… To suppress it is unhealthy. Of course there need to be some checks and balances a bit, but to totally suppress it is madness.

Yet, that is exactly what Roman Catholic Nuns and Priests were supposed to do. My mother told me that she’d read that there were many pregnancies by nuns and priests that were covered up. That at least sounds more normal than the paedophilia of the Roman Catholic Church. That is truly sick.

But it shows that the nuns and priests were struggling to control their powerful, natural, healthy sexual impulses.

It has been said that we lost vast numbers of white children due to men and women entering the catholic church. You are literally destroying your own DNA. What a crime! What a disaster.

The Pagans on the other hand looked at fertility as good and desirable.

In fact, Easter Egg hunting, which the Christians adopted is actually a pagan thing. It was pagan men and women who had fun running around hiding and finding easter eggs. The egg is a symbol of fertility.

We whites are a very determined, rule-based, high-trust people. We will literally kill ourselves and make ourselves sick, through FORCE OF WILL, if we believe in something. It is ridiculous that a SERIOUS people like ourselves should associate ourselves with stupid Jewish ideas from a race of unserious liars and cretins.

We really need to dump a lot of anti-natural Christian thinking. It is actually KILLING OUR RACE and we’ve probably lost hundreds of millions of wonderful children and talented people.

How many Teslas and other geniuses were never born who could have been born?

What great minds, what brave people and people of great principles have been LOST because of our adoption of idiotic, twisted, scumbag Jewish ideas?

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