WARNING: My Websites have been hacked…


I was struggling a lot yesterday to access my websites: historyreviewed.com, africancrisis.info and white-shop.biz from here in Johannesburg.

I was battling a lot and began asking people in different countries if they could get to my sites because I can’t even see the front page.

Eventually the problem went away at my end after quite some time – maybe 2+ hours.

But one of the guys then sent me a screen shot and told me that my website sometimes does a strange thing and it redirects to the website allow space. I then told him I was sure I had seen this at least once myself without giving it a second thought.

Then another American with lots of computer experience told me that he thinks my site is hacked because it takes him to allow-space.

So with some quick investigation I’ve realised this is a much bigger problem and it can redirect you to other sites. So at the very least historyreviewed.com has been hacked.

I will be looking into it.

From a technical article about this, they wrote: Recently we noticed a lot of WordPress websites being redirected to malicious domains allow-space[.com] & then to adaranth[.com]afu.php & then to some legit website Attackers achieve this by various means and sources of infection.

Its been a long time since my sites were properly hacked – in the past, 10+ years ago they took my websites down. But in this case, this is the first time that I’ve had a website infected that is running on “new technology” – so I had not even thought of such a thing!!!

I’ll be looking into this later today. If you ever experience anything like this, just drop me a line on the contact us page and also tell me the site you were redirected to.

Just another update:
Because of my Internet problems, I was trying to sort out issues at my end so I can function with less bandwidth, and in the process, I screwed up my one computer that is important to me. I spent 10+ hours today getting it up and functional. So I’m running behind schedule.

I must also reply to people who’ve been leaving me messages.

Please bear with me.

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