Clinton Body Count: FBI Releases Damning Documents Saying ‘Clintons Hired Hitman To Murder Seth Rich’


[Those evil communist Clintons. Finally some truth is coming out. Jan]

The FBI released thousands of pages of documents on Friday about murdered DNC whistleblower Seth Rich.

Surprisingly, the FBI documents contain two emails that mention Robert Mueller and Hillary Clinton (from pages 134 and 135).

The first email mentions Mueller holding the name of the “hitman” who killed Seth Rich. “We think Mueller arranged the hit on Seth Rich” reads the subject line:

Then a following email suggests that the Clintons hired a hitman to take out Seth Rich: reports: And this was posted on page 59. That it was “conceivable” that an individual or group would want Seth Rich dead.

Why was this redacted?

Did the FBI know that Rich was behind Wikileaks emails?

Did the FBI lie to the American public for years about this?

This raises more questions about the case and why the FBI lied to the American public about his death for years.


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