Jews on Facebook hard at work stopping the truth about COVID


[I got this from an American friend. Jan]

Here’s what Facebook is doing, I posted something against people having to show vaccination cards for many places, Facebook inserts a Covid-19 pro vaccination block after you post it.

They’re doing this on all posts that are negative about the vaccine/virus.

Rob Tomes posted it after me, same block is inserted.

No freedom of speech on FB, but everyone knows that already.

I’ve become more vocal with my comments on there, especially how the vaccine affected me.

A few of my friends are usually in FB jail for 30 days, esp. Buddy, he was out of FB jail for a few days and now he’s back again but he refuses to be silent, good for him.

Him and his girlfriend are also into natural healing.

NB: I just did another video interview with Mike (out of Miami) today. He will upload in a few days on his website,

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