Video: SECRECY: Jewish sabotage of US anti-communism: How the Russians defeated JFK with nuclear missiles

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We return to the topic of SECRECY and things that have been hidden for a long time. We look at 2 big secrets that have been hidden from people for decades … and which were later revealed very quietly so that few people ever noticed.

We look closely at Cuban communism which has magically been allowed to exist for decades. How is it that the CIA tried to kill the communist Fidel Castro 638 times … and yet he’s still not dead? On the day JFK had bullets exploding through his skull, the CIA handed a poisoned pen to an agent to kill Fidel Castro with! The CIA agent then refused to use the pen… Why is it that the USA cannot defeat or touch a pathetic little 3rd world communist rat-hole that is less than 100 miles from the shores of the USA?

What about us Rhodesians, who were intent on killing the black communist Robert Mugabe, yet he and Nkomo survived every time…

Using diverse sources I show that the original story of the Cuban Missile crisis was lied about massively.

Why have whites been on a losing streak since the end of WW2? We look especially closely at the USA and its inability to fight communism. Britain never fights communism, despite its claims. Britain in fact supports communism.

Could the missing ingredient in CIA and American dysfunctionality be the Jews? Are Jews able to stop and interfere with the American ability to fight communism? Have Jews been protecting their communist investments while sabotaging CIA and US military attempts at fighting communism?

Would this explain why America was so pathetic and useless in doing anything in Africa when Jewish communism came to “Liberate” the whole of Africa from the whites? These are the topics we delve into, in this detailed video.

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