The MOST important Jewish tactics against Whites… DIVISION and CONFUSION –

I am quite convinced that the most important things that these Jewish shitbags are doing to screw up things for our race lie in the direction of DIVISION – the good old, divide and conquer crap. But they also sow confusion.

Tan Staafl of the Age of Treason mentioned a concept a long time ago that was a first for me. He had the term "Deflection". I think that is one of the most important ideas anyone has put forward as to how they deal with Whites.

What Whites need to realise is that we are all being LIED TO ON A GRAND GRAND SCALE.

We are being lied to about so many things, but of course the Jewish shitbags live and breathe this type of stuff.

I am convinced that probably the BIGGEST thing they do, is to mess with our heads and that is what is making us run in different directions.

I think that THEIR BIGGEST FEAR, THEIR BIGGEST NIGHTMARE IS WHITE UNITY and they will do anything they possibly can to keep us divided and confused.

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