Video: Is this true? Amid Ukraine War, Putin’s Russia Revives Soviet-Era Monster Tank Designed To Survive Nucl ear Blast

[I don't know if this is true. But what is interesting to me is this weird design of a tank that has two extra sets of tracks to function in cross country and to move through extremely difficult terrain. They seem to be showing actual film footage of this tank as well as museum copies of it. I'm not sure if this footage is current, or if it is from recent times. It's just an interesting and weird design. I don't think this tank is something to crow about. It's downside with all those tracks is that there is a greater chance of damaging those tracks and I think that would be a problem for it. I think it might have a value if there are FEW ENEMIES AROUND. I don't think it has much other use. I think it is an interesting and weird design, but not a particularly good design. I don't think this design would work at all in the current war. This might just be propaganda or some kind of junk. It's an interesting design to take note of and nothing more. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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