The Disgusting Pope Francis – Reader’s comment

[Here is what one of my reader's wrote. I did a video about how the Jews infiltrated the Roman Catholic Church and totally turned it on its head in the 1960s. The RC church was totally captured by the Jews back then. But the Christian influence is a Jewish influence too. We need to get away from these lines of thinking. However, let it be said that the Protestants grovelled before Jewish money and thus are actually worse than the Catholics who gave the Jews a harder time. However, that's all over. Jews captured even the Catholics and Francis is truly a fool and an idiot. Jan]

The reader wrote:

The Pope is supposed to enforce the laws of the church, not make loop-holes for those acting against church law

I find this Pope to be disgraceful. It has come to my attention that he recently said he was not the Vicar of Christ. No kidding!!!!

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