[This does not surprise me at all. Its just Jews, Jews, Jews in Harvard. 

BTW, Jared Taylor of American Rennaissance is married to a Jewish woman. He is happy to talk about RACE and Black and White and Muslims, but HE NEVER MENTIONS THE JEWS! The note below is from Jared and Amren. Jan]

It’s official: A federal judge says it’s legal for Harvard to keep out better qualified whites and Asians out so it can admit the precious blacks and Hispanics who provide diversity. I’m afraid I got a little carried away in this week’s video by the moonshine that passes for legal reasoning when judges turn off their brains and talk about race. We’ll see if the Supreme Court does any better when it — as it surely will — gets a bite at this poisoned apple.
We have a first-rate Hampton commentary on the Green New Deal that shows how everything in America must now be reparationist. Lefties never tire of renaming their pets: they are now “front-line communities,” and “vulnerable communities,” but what passes for a way to save the planet is clearly a way to line their pockets.
And I’d like to call attention to a news item that went up on Friday. It’s a powerful speech by the Franco-Algerian Eric Zemmour, who took the hide off of every sacred progressive cow. Not being white has not saved him; he is being sued by every “anti-racist” busybody in France for telling the truth, but he has done his country a great service.
Eric Zemmour’s Blockbuster Speech
Best-selling author Eric Zemmour, an Algerian Jew, is one of the most popular and controversial figures on the French Right.

Accused of racism, sexism, and xenophobia, Mr. Zemmour is regularly censored by the media, and faces several lawsuits from “anti-racist” organizations.

Last weekend, he delivered a powerful keynote address at Marion Maréchal’s Convention Of The Right in Paris. Read our snipped version of his speech here.

When Racial Discrimination is Legal
Jared Taylor explains the tortured “reasoning” that justifies racial discrimination against whites and Asians who apply to Harvard (or anywhere else).
Ep. 151: Harvard Wins Right to Discriminate
Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey analyze Judge Allison Burroughs’ incoherent decision. They also discuss “Rumors of War,” “Angels Unawares,” yet more ICEcapades, the latest interracial crime stats, Sarah Jeong, Lori Lightfoot, Afghans in Greece, and what happens when you try a hunger strike in Japan.
The Green New Deal Is a Racial Scam
By Robert Hampton
The Green New Deal is not a plan to save the environment. It’s a scheme to redistribute white’s wealth to “vulnerable” minority “communities.”

Read Mr. Hampton’s piece to learn how the Left plans to do this.

Inside the Corporate Diversity Cult
By Harold Peterson
Few people on the Dissident Right know how big American companies practice “diversity.”

Harold Peterson spent many years at a senior level at one of America’s iconic corporations, and saw it all from the inside.

Read his piece to learn how the cult of “diversity and inclusion” drove him from a hard-earned position in a Fortune 500 company to a less “racially woke” workplace.

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