VIDEO: IMPORTANT: ELECTION WEIRDNESS & MASSIVE CHEATING – Listen to Trump … how the cheating started!


In 2016, when I was following the election results, Trump was losing from the start and it was going badly all the way, and then later, right near the end, something happened, and then he began to win. But they had that election sewn up AT THE START.

Now in this election it’s gone the opposite way. Because Trump was behind last time on the popular vote, this time I watched the opening results and Trump was cleaning Biden’s clock. I watched quite a bit from the initial results until he got to 20 million votes. And Trump had gone from about 5% behind last time to 4% ahead. To me it seemed like a slam-dunk.

In this video, where Trump speaks, listen at 22 minutes in. Trump says everything was going great and they were getting ready to celebrate when SUDDENLY …

He says: "We were getting ready for a big celebration, we were winning everything when ALL OF A SUDDEN IT WAS ALL GONE … "

Trump says this IS a record election, there’s been nothing like it.

Just watch the video. Things like this need to be saved for posterity, as a reminder of the cheating and lying and DIRTY TRICKS that these Jewish/Liberal/Marxist scum can get up to.

I urge people to watch the cheating closely. This is African-style communism coming to America.

I haven’t watched the whole video yet, but here it is. Start from 22 minutes, its fascinating:

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