At this stage in the election counting: Biden: 227 vs Trump: 213 – Trump still has huge possibilities

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I had some sleep! When I went to sleep, Trump had 20 million votes and was 4% ahead of Biden.

I see that Trump is now slightly down on the popular vote by over a million – about 1.6 million behind. He currently has 65 million votes compared to the last election where he had 62 million. Clearly a lot more people voted this time.

I was looking at the remaining undecided states including PA which has 20 electoral college votes. In most of the undecided states, Trump is still leading at this time. I added up quickly how many electoral votes are in the balance in the states where it is undecided BUT where Trump is leading, and in total he has at least 77 electoral college votes.

That can still give him a final total of 290 votes, which means he wins.

He is already busy with lawsuits. Last time they were fighting for 3 weeks. Perhaps this time it might take a month?

I think when the dust has settled he can still clean their clocks. It is amazing how these dogs have managed to pretend to contest an election that really was uncontestable.

This is like here in Africa where the black communists just cheated man. They also just created votes out of thin air and later piles of votes would be found that had been thrown away. These Jewish communist types know how to steal an election. In southern Africa they are masters at it.

And given the communist/Marxist tactics they’ve been using in the USA, Trump did say that there is a real possibility that they could STEAL THE ELECTION.

I still have faith in Trump and his people. He fights tooth and nail.

I’m watching a whitehouse talk by Trump where he is saying that millions of people voted and that a "very sad group of people are trying to disenfranchise them".


I like his presence. He’s the closest thing to a real leader that exists out there.

The Age of the Caesars is coming folks … the Age of the (white) Caesars … who are going to fix the Western world …

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