US Election results so far: What I like so far for Trump … & also: Are the Democrats cheating?

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The main thing I’m liking about the election so far, compared to 2016 is that in 2016 Trump was down on the popular vote by about 5% or so, whereas now, he is ahead by a few percent. At a point I calculated that he was ahead by 4%.

But I see that the SOB Biden is ahead on electoral votes.

If Trump survived last time, I’m sure he stands a good chance of surviving now.

I must say, I am wondering if the Democrats aren’t cheating a lot. Even so, I think Trump is much better equipped to beat the bastards than he was last time.

I would HATE to see him lose. Really, that would be very sad.

I suspect that behind the scenes his people are running around checking stuff and that he will fight back every step of the way.

I want to see nothing but a Trump win. Nothing else is acceptable, and if he loses, then I’m sure its because it was totally rigged.

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