Attention: How to write letters to Matt Hale – Also: If your letters are returned…

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[This is from Matt Hale’s mom. Please write to white prisoners in the USA, Germany and the UK including Joshua Bonehill in the UK. Please write to these whites and keep their spirits up and tell them how much we appreciate their suffering on our behalf.

Matt Hale’s mom gives details on what to do when the scumbag authorities return the letters.

NB: NB: I’m looking for ways of contacting Dylann Roof. If anyone knows how please drop a line for me on the Contact Us page. Dylann is to be executed and I am so sad for him. If I can ever get a message to him I would like to.

Our WAR for racial freedom has only just begun. Its far from finished and legal and political strategies are needed.

On Friday I had a long interview with Alison Chabloz. Don’t miss it. We discuss how the Jewish pieces of shit hounded her and tried to terrorize her before the bastards went to court. Jan]

From Matt’s mom:-

Date: Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 5:56 PM
Subject: letters returned
To: Evelyn Hutcheson [email protected]

Friends and Supporters: Matt asks that any letters that you sent him and were returned to you as “gang related” to mark out any words like Creativity, Reverend, religion and resend them to Matt and to send a copy of those letters along with a letter complaining that they are not “gang related’ to the acting warden at this address:
Acting Warden
U.S. Penitentiary Max
P.O. Box 8000
Florence, CO 81226
It is official now that Matts P.O. Box number is 8000. The number was finally changed on the BOP website to cover their tracks.
Also. please keep a copy of those letters in your files. Thank you so much! Ms. H

NB: NB: I asked Matt’s Mom if there are things that you cannot say in the letters. She said this: When you write Matt you can’t write the words Creativity, Reverend, religion and you can’t write about his religion, Creativity. This is because Matt has the civil suit against the BOP. I don’t think there are any restrictions as far as writing to Dylann. Ms. H

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