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[This man points out the role of the Jews in the media. Jan]

Death By A Thousand Cuts

by The Enemy Of Free Speech

The enemy of free speech has stuck me financially for the 233rd time within the last decade. I kid you not they have been relentless. This time, canceled my account of almost twenty years, and confiscated my balance for up to 180 days. I was notified of this by email on Monday afternoon. The meager balance in this account was the only funds that I had left.

Yes, I went from being worth a lot of money ten years ago, to literally having nothing today. I am not trying to play the victim of our enemies viciousness, because I do not regret anything, and would do it all over again the best that I could.

This is why I have worked for ten plus hours every day trying to create the awareness, for I am here to bring forth the truth and rebel against the evil forces that are trying their best to subjugate humanity forever. Most don’t realize this, but we are now in the ultimate fight, not only for our own lives, but, for the lives of all future generations.

By the grace of God, an indefatigable perseverance that knows no end, and lately, donations by those who appreciate my work in bringing forth honest news, I am still here every day publishing All The Honest News Fit To Publish.

Within hours of my account being canceled by, started to come under continual attack to bring it down. And, they did bring it down, but it is now back online. Yes, this very much looks like a coordinated attack.

For all of those who have signed up to help by being a recurrent donator via, please go to:
Or simply go straight to:

Once at, you can donate and support the work we do on our all of our free speech platforms for only 5.00 USD per month. Thank you in advance for your generosity, so we may keep growing quickly, which is the reason for the latest attacks.

For all of those who would rather send a one-time contribution by check please email me at: mark and I will provide you with the information to facilitate this. Or use the Contact page:

Truth, The New Hate Speech

The following quote has come to mind, knowing that the reason for the constant financial attacks are that I must be flying directly over the target for the last decade, actually I have been for the last two decades, with all of my September 11, 20001, work.

"The followers of the [National-Socialist] movement, and indeed the whole nation, must be reminded again and again of the fact that, through the medium of his newspapers, the Jew is always spreading falsehoods and that, if he tells the truth on some occasions, it is only for the purpose of masking some greater deceit, which turns the apparent truth into a deliberate lie. The Jew is the Great Master of Lies. Falsehood and duplicity are the weapons with which he wages war. Every calumny and falsehood published by the Jews are tokens of honour which can be worn by our comrades. He whom they decry most is nearest to our hearts and he whom they mortally hate is our best friend. If a comrade of ours opens a Jew-owned newspaper in the morning – and does not find himself vilified therein, then he has spent the previous day to no account. For, had he achieved something, he would have been threatened, slandered, derided and abused."
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Mark R. Elsis

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