Video: Beautiful Dresden before its destruction at the end of WWII in color: Watch and weep!

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Video & Audio: After Black Revolution, Comes WHITE REVOLUTION!
In this video I discuss Black Revolution. We look at Black Revolution in America and Africa and the role of the Jews as well as that brave American hero, George Lincoln Rockwell, who gave his life trying to save White Americans and trying to save Whites everywhere.Rockwell once made a prediction that After Black Revolution there will be a WHITE REVOLUTION.

[The British and Americans murdered civilians in Germany because they weren't able to fight the German Army properly, man for man. It's that simple. Churchill himself murdered 1 million Europeans in this way, mostly Germans. Roosevelt too has blood on his hands. WW1 and WW2 were so disgustingly bad for Whites. Jews started this nonsense. The Jews were working hard to get WW2 started. They got going at it from 1933 – from the day Hitler arose … Jews were working night and day to get the killing in Europe going. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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The Incredible Hero: David Irving - Truth Telling Historian
I have tremendous respect for David Irving. This British man did the most incredible work doing research and telling the truth about Hitler, the NAZIS and Germany. He‘s very old now. Download everything you can from his website and if possible buy his books and support him. This is the most incredible man to come out of Britain in modern times.

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