Jewish War on Whites: Will White Revolution come to the USA? – Is REVOLUTION IMPOSSIBLE?


[Here is a discussion some of my readers were having. Henk seems to be a White South African who ends up contradicting himself. He then claims that revolution in this modern age is impossible. This is not true, and I'll explain why. Jan]

Henk V. • 7 days ago
In 1933 Judea, for the first time, openly declared war against the White People.

After WWII, their war against whiteness became more international and even more in the open.

And still there are people who don’t want to see the facts. They just accept that our way of living is deteriorating in a time that computers and robots should give us unlimited wealth.

It is like these people instinctively know that an enemy is fighting us, but as long they can buy a new telephone every year, they think they can ‘sit it out’.

Surprise: they can’t. If they stay inactive, they will lose everything they have. They will lose their freedom, their wealth and maybe even their children.

raymond daubney Henk V. • 6 days ago
I have believed that there is no way we can take our country’s back without the use of violence, the enemy has us in that position, right where they wanted us. As a result they have left us with making a choice between fight back or virtual surrender. They know that deep down the people don’t want to commit themselves.

Henk V. raymond daubney • 3 minutes ago
How do you think that violence will help us to get our countries back?

The difference in physical power between the population and the government is greater than ever.

There is no way you can win from the government. Not even with 1 million armed citizens.

If the rootless elite really feel that their power is in jeopardy, the will kill all million without hesitation. They have done it in Russia, and they will do it in the US as well.

The only way to succeed is to win the war of ideas.

The generals. The politicians. The media people. The professors. They need to change.

They changed form normal people into communists in one or two generations.

They have to come to their senses and change back to normal Americans who want the best for their country and for their children.

Jan Henk V. • a few seconds ago
Henk, your argument is false. If your argument is true then REVOLUTION is impossible. However, revolution IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE when the MASSES are ready for it.

I agree with Raymond, in the end they leave us with no choice except violence. This is how it will be, in the end, for Whites everywhere.

Henk then changes his turn and says that it will be a rerun of the Soviet Union and they’ll kill us by the million. I really don’t see this as possible in the USA or the West. The people have ever lower views of the Government and the Police and Military have to KILL on behalf of the Govt. Will the Police and Military be willing to do that? Some will, but there will be many who will NOT. In the end, REVOLUTION cannot be stopped by any technology because ultimately PEOPLE, and in many cases, WHITES, control that technology. Revolution can happen. Its very possible. I look forward to it.

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