Are newborn babies from vaccinated mothers dying? – COVID VAX GENOCIDE: Children’s hospitals now being flooded with INFANT cardiac patients

[There seems to be some uncertainty as to whether these resports are true, so we need to be careful. This is one to watch though. What is for certain is that the White House wants to vaccinate kids, which is downright evil when it's totally unnecessary. This is creepy Jewish crap. A lot of the article below seems to be RUMOUR and no corroborating evidence. But the rest seems to have some factual basis. It does seem as though children who get vaxxed as well as newborn babies from vaxxed mothers could be in danger. Those spike proteins can go anywhere through your body. So it can go from the mother-to-be into the baby. There's some creepy crap going on here. My concern is that it will ruin the kids' lives. The kids could end up either sterile or with immune problems in their lives. I can't help wondering how many damaged people we will have soon as a result of this COVID crap. Jan]

Investigative reporter Steve Kirsch says that children’s hospitals all across the country are filling up with newborn babies that have…

Investigative reporter Steve Kirsch says that children’s hospitals all across the country are filling up with newborn babies that have serious cardiac problems, all because their mothers got “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

An email he received claims that one hospital’s three NICUs (neonatal ICUs) are all completely full of infant patients. All of the babies came from mothers who are fully vaccinated, a nurse confirmed from their records, though hospital staff are not allowed to ask directly about the vaccination status of the mothers.

“Because this is a third- or fourth-hand rumor, I would ordinarily try to confirm it before sharing with anyone,” the email stated as a caveat.

“But my initial Internet searches came up empty, and I worry that this is the sort of thing that might be effectively suppressed for quite a while by those in control of our largest hospitals – especially the ones currently busy firing doctors and nurses who refuse vaccination.”

Seeing as how it has been roughly nine months since “Operation Warp Speed” was first launched by Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump, who then passed the baton to “Pedo” Joe Biden, the world is just now starting to see the effects of it on babies born to mothers who got jabbed.

“I was wondering whether it might be worth sharing with some of the Unity Project’s scientific / medical advisor doctors who may have contacts ‘on the inside’ of large hospitals with NICUs, so long as they could be trusted to discretely investigate without risking their or our credibility by outing the story prior to confirmation,” the email went on to state.

“If this rumor could be confirmed and revealed, it could potentially, by itself, turn the tide of this war.”

Hospital ICUs are being overrun with “fully vaccinated” patients

Kirsch asked any doctors out there who read his work to comment on the letter’s claims, either to challenge or confirm them. Hundreds of people responded and here are some of their stories. (RELATED: Kirsh has also written about how 28 million children have to get jabbed in order to “save,” supposedly, a mere 14 lives from “covid”.)

One person said there have been several articles published in recent days confirming that ICUs are “jam-packed” with sick and dying patients, many of whom are having to sit in hallways because there are no more beds available.

“Rooms are full of patients with NON-COVID symptoms, i.e., they aren’t there because of covid,” this person added. “The suspected cause is secondary effects of the vaccine.”

“The question here is how many of these patients will soon be infants? The media and the medical community will not step up and tell you this. It will come from the fed-up grassroots of us who are more fearful of this government than of COVID.”

Another wrote about how it has been “clearly established” that the rate of spontaneous abortions has skyrocketed ever since Fauci Flu shots started being administered to pregnant women.

“My daughter-in-law, who is unvaccinated and just delivered, was told by her doctor to not get the vaccine during her pregnancy because her last three patients all had miscarriages right after receiving it,” this person explained.

“I think Mr. Kirsch has provided notable caveats to the sourcing until better confirmed, but anyone following COVID vaccine research isn’t at all surprised. It will be confirmed.”

One person shared a video from an alleged undertaker who says he is seeing many times the normal amount of fatalities among newborns in the age of Wuhan Flu injections.

“He’s not sure how many are pre-full term, but it doesn’t really make a difference for purposes of unusual deaths associated with pregnancy / childbirth,” this individual explained.

Others questioned whether the email Kirsch received is legitimate, suggesting that it might be “poisoned bait” from “controlled opposition.” While this is certainly possible, there does appear to be an uptick in infant hospitalizations now that covid jabs are being widely administered.

“It’s not just about the newborns with cardiac problems,” noted another about how older children are also being damaged by the jabs. “How many times do we need to see young people getting mysterious heart attacks at the same time before people start becoming remotely curious?”

Another speculated that if the vaccine spike proteins are capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier, then perhaps they also have the same permeability with respect to the placenta.

“I would not be surprised if some of these babies get a nasty reaction,” this person wrote. “What kind of demon would tell a preggo not to have a glass of wine, but by all means stick a needle and inject some experimental bio-material into her?”


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