The Jew Unz – The Good Jew talking his Jewish shit: The Romans & Greeks never existed

I never publish stuff from good Jews, nor do I crawl on the ground before "Good Jews". Long ago, when I first started my website, AfricanCrisis, almost 20 years ago, at times when we found a sane black person, who said something sane and reasonable we would spread it a lot among ourselves and I would happily post it. But with the passing of many years I realized that in the long run these "Good blacks" don’t help us either. I see many Americans still doing this, but I’ve stopped altogether. There is only one exception I will make in this regard, and it has to do with a book written by a black, which I will still spread here. But other than that, for 99.9% of them, I don’t care and I’ll never use their statements on my sites.

It’s time for whites to focus on whites, stand together UNAPOLOGETICALLY, and be ourselves. It is pure rubbish that we are who Jews say we must be.

I don’t quote good Jews like John Rappaport, nor Lew Rockwell, nor "consevative Jews". I know that these people will say whatever they need to say in order to move forward. They have no real values, they don’t really care, and our values and things of importance to us, have no meaning for them. They are looking for fame, success and of course MONEY!

The Jew Unz was quoted a lot by people over the last year or so and I stayed away from his stuff, except perhaps once or twice. But on the whole I ignore whatever stuff he writes no matter how good or reasonable it is. I’m not pandering to these people. I want to be myself. We must all be ourselves. BE WHAT WE WERE BORN TO BE, not what some bloody Jew tells you to be.

I laughed though, when someone sent me something from Unz and I spotted this Jewish shit where here we see the bloody Jew busy rewriting history BOLDLY….

An excerpt from Unz:
Fourth place was held by a lengthy presentation of the second installment of a startling hypothesis that much of the established European chronology of the last two thousand years is entirely fake, with Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire never having existed, and the Athenian Parthenon being built by Frankish Crusaders of the thirteenth century A.D. These extremely controversial ideas quickly attracted almost 400 mostly-critical comments totaling nearly 60,000 words.

So let me end with: What a load of pure crap. This is why these people have no place in our societies, system or culture. Here one of his contributors is busy writing total shit for history.

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