How Jews are killing the White Race: White men are becoming ever more UNATTRACTIVE to White women…


The more I look at life and observe things, the more I see signs, often coming out of the mouths of white women which shows that white women are actually becoming less and less attracted to white men. If you look around carefully, check out dating websites and you will see some interesting remarks made by white women.

There is no doubt in my mind that Liberalism, Jews, and the actions of the leaders of the West as they grovel before blacks and Jews; that one of the intended, as well as unintended consequences is that young white women read into it, and see it for what it is, LOSER BEHAVIOUR.

Then when blacks go wild and white men, Police, and government officials stand around begging the blacks to stop, while the blacks just go crazy … the white women see them as the real winners … which is in fact true.

The white males in the Police forces, the SWAT Teams and the Special Forces could take the blacks and kill them outright in a matter of minutes (really), if they were given the order, but the upper echelons of the politicians are quietly grovelling to the world of business and economics and Jewish Diversity … for economic reasons (which I will discuss later). Thus white males appear to be weak and cowardly, when in fact the instructions coming from above are weak and pathetic.

I liked the one time when Trump said he would send in the army to shoot people dead on sight. But he of course did not do it. I like the fact that Trump has a natural desire to be strong, but surrounding him are others with other agendas. What is NEEDED is a proper blood bath, where white men show their true, raw power somewhere in the Western world. This endless showing of weakness is killing us as a race. All this is unnatural Jewish nonsense, in this world of Jewish values we live in and where we grovel like dogs.

Then on top of all this is the constant drum-beat in the ears of modern white girls about crossing the colour line and how "superior" the black man is.

All these things are affecting young women and girls and they are actually changing their views, and quietly being herded into the beds of the black males in America.

Liberalism, Jews and Communism… this POISON… is killing our race.

I saw the other day how a bunch of doctors and specialists in Texas were standing at a press conference when a black doctor from Nigeria and another from Ghana I think (they were both from West Africa), were talking about how they were curing COVID. All the whites stood behind them silently, backing them up, while the blacks took the stage and acted like the intellectuals and leaders. This is VERY BAD. All this nonsense is very bad.

VERY BAD. Quietly, whites are dying inside, and as part of the process, the women lose respect for their own men.

This can only be corrected by having the white male learn to growl like the Lion that he is and he must act like a Lion, and rip someone’s head off. We are animals, and there is an animal aspect of us that is healthy and strong and natural, and it’s being suppressed. Whites also have a naturally strong amount of self-discipline and they do as they are told. By listening to weak, pathetic, Jew-controlled, Jew-ridden authorities, we are KILLING OURSELVES AS HUMAN BEINGS.

We need to become a bit wild again, and learn to run around munching on victims and laughing in the sun. I’m serious. You’ll see how healthy it will be for us.

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