Video & Audio: The Conspiracy to destroy Germany: How the Allies created WW2 for no reason

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We take a look at a German documentary that is the BEST defence of Germany that I’ve ever come across. This is from a German General of modern times who analysed the causes of WW2. In here you will see things you’ve never heard of before. This man even uses British documents that were declassified, and the story it tells will shock you.

This is the conspiracy, led by Jews of course, to create a huge war, simply for the destruction of Germany, but especially to destroy one man, Hitler. There WAS no reason for WW2. Hitler went to incredible lengths to avoid war. But the war was created by THE ALLIES! The war was NOT created by Hitler. It was created by The Allies from the outset!

There is no documentary that has as much detail as this one. It’s jam packed with info.

In recent years, I remembered this awesome documentary, and I knew I had it, but I’d forgotten it’s name and it took me a while to find it. In here you’ll see details and data that you’ve never heard of before. This vindicates Hitler and the NAZIs completely.

We will return to other aspects of this topic later.

This was recorded on 14th March 2023.

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