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I’m watching this banking crisis with apprehension. The Fed can play many games with computer systems and money and mathematicians and economists. However, the bottom line is that the real banking crisis occurred in 2008 and the way they stopped the collapse was by kicking the can down the road. The Jews and their scum ran to the US Govt begging for a $700 billion bailout. Then they got the money, increased their salaries, gave themselves bonuses and carried on whoring at a high level for the next decade. Things were already getting shaky by 2018.

The banks that are failing aren’t the main or biggest banks, but we need to see how bad this gets. In theory, things could melt down in a single week.

I have been taking a look at my favourite Wall Street exposes website run by a woman who was a Wall St professional for decades. I don’t like any of the headlines I’m seeing. I’m also seeing mention of something from long ago: DERIVATIVES!!!! Derivatives are everywhere, and it is HUGE. In the early 1990s, I was in touch with a top stock market guy in Switzerland, Harry Schultz, I think that was his name. He was already freaking out about the SCAM of DERIVATIVES in the EARLY 1990s. It is ENORMOUS. The amount of money will make your jaw drop.

The Fed has been trying to PREVENT INFLATION – so it has claimed. But, if the Fed continues like this it might crash the whole system. Now the only real alternative, may be to REINFLATE THE SYSTEM.

When I look at how the American system works and how the US Elite think along with all the Jew crap that is going on, I think that where possible they will just REINFLATE. They will just print insane amounts of money.

What is interesting is that maybe they are printing too much money even for the banks. I see that OLD US GOVERNMENT BONDS are losing their value and even banks like SVB made huge losses on US GOVERNMENT BONDS.

The system is SO HUGE and SO GLOBAL and it ALL REVOLVES AROUND THE USA. I CANNOT see the US Government and elite doing anything EXCEPT REINFLATING and PRINTING MORE and inventing more junk money, junk bonds and all kinds of new junk financial crap IN ORDER TO KEEP THE SCAM ALIVE.

That being the case, then we are finally looking at GOLD and other assets. Then PHYSICAL ASSETS WILL FINALLY HAVE THEIR DAY.

I think INFLATING THEIR WAY OUT is the way they will go. And Jews will love it. It will mean just more Jewish scams, more Jewish shit, etc.

But the system is already very sick and even if they reinflate it will result in diminishing returns, it can’t go very far. It’s all just a mirage. It just buys time. But it fixes nothing.

So what I’m saying is that I don’t think they can stand to one side and let banks just implode. They can’t. It is WORSE – MUCH WORSE than 2008. And each time they kick the can down the road it gets worse and worse. I don’t think it can last long.

I can’t see this carrying on for too long. The world is sick. Things NEED TO BREAK, CRASH and SMASH … and that will bring pain. But the Elite and government will try to lie, print, expand, their way out of all for all they’re worth.

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