America: Our Nature – A Legal Flaw…

[Someone I know who was close to Tom Metzger sent me this. Jan]

In Natural Law, the basis of reality, inanimate persons do not exist – past, present, or future. A significant part of the American legal system became fatally flawed when corporations, inanimate beings (sans outside intervention), were deemed ‘persons’ in official 19th century court rulings.

America’s national and trans-national corporations, and many abroad, are dependent upon this erroneous legal fiction, which makes them liable for compensation to the people harmed by it, and their descendants, when adjudicated in Natural Law.

The Jew depends upon such corporations for continuity. Our legal minds must focus upon this Crime Syndicate Cult weakness, with the intent to obstruct its ongoing destruction of our natural world.

First Thing First : Eliminate Jew Influence

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