Video: Steve Harvey: OJ killed everybody in that driveway – When a Famous Black sliced up Whites

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Video: How Rhodesia & South Africa killed 1 million+ Blacks after Portuguese Collapse
This is the story of something that the Rhodesians kicked off in desperation after the Portuguese had collapsed. Its effect lasted decades and huge numbers of Blacks died and it had massive effects on a Black nation. In this video I also discuss many deeper things including my discussions with President PW Botha.

[The O. J. The Simpson trial was for me the most shocking thing I saw in America in the early days of the Internet. I followed that trial DAILY. I watched hours and hours of that criminal trial. I listened to the people who testified. It was as clear as daylight that O. J. Simpson cut up all those Whites. It was hideous. I nearly fell off my chair when he was found NOT GUILTY. I expected that kind of crap here in a Black African country, NOT IN AMERICA. Jews were all over that trial on the side of that disgusting Black. Jan]

This is a rare instance of a Black who tells it like it is. This is the absolute truth:

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Video: APARTHEID: Why didnt White South Africans just slaughter MILLIONS of Blacks?
In this video we look at Apartheid in its proper context. Was Apartheid really intended to be VIOLENT? Were the Whites trigger-happy and keen to just slaughter Blacks in great massacres? Is the new South Africa more peaceful than under White rule?

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